10 Blog Writing Ideas For A Letting Agent

A blog is a brilliant way for businesses to reach out to their audience but many people are unsure of what to write about.

Here are 10 blog writing ideas for a letting agent.

Businesses and employment in the local area
Emphasising that you have local knowledge and awareness is always a good thing for an estate agent. Shining a light on existing businesses in the local area will indicate that you are keen to play a role in the community and if there are businesses coming to the area, highlighting these can provide valuable information that local residents can benefit from.

Of course, if you focus on new employment opportunities in the area, you may help draw people to the local area and if (as is likely), these people need accommodation in the area, you will be well placed to offer the right property and accommodation.

Local events
Again, having a local focus will ensure that people recognise you as being part of the local community and can help stimulate debate or discussion on your blog page. You shouldn’t be controversial for the sake of it but if you can create a platform for people to find out about local events and share opinions on it, you’ll find that people return to your blog on a regular basis.

Compare two areas in your local area
You shouldn’t be negative about any of the areas in your local vicinity but you should be able to make comparisons between different areas, highlighting the differences while discussing positive elements of both regions. One area may be better suited to young professionals while another area is more likely to suit families. This is the sort of information that people are keen to find when researching an area, and if people recognise you as being a trusted source in the local area, they are more likely to use your services or recommend you to friends.

Talk about local charities or when good causes
When it comes to generating goodwill in your local area, talk about local charities and provide them with a platform to raise awareness for their cause. Whether you raise funds personally for the charity by undertaking an activity or just support a local cause, you can position yourself as a local company that cares about people in the local area.

Property stories
You will want to make sure that you change the names and enough details to protect people’s identity but if you have funny stories over your years of working in the letting industry, share them with your audience.

Talk about the letting industry and recent changes
Whether you are focusing on tax changes, legislation issues or anything else that is relevant for landlords or tenants, providing news and relevant content will ensure people come back to your site on a regular basis. Being seen as an expert in your field is of benefit when it comes to developing a reputation and if you are a hub for relevant property news, you’ll find people will rely on you for updates.

Shine a light on your staff
No matter the industry you operate in, it is of benefit to showcase the personal side of your business. Use your blog to give a platform to your employees. This will indicate that you are a local firm with a local interest and that you have employees that people can relate to.

Offer tips on how to care for a home
All businesses on twitter should be looking to provide relevant tips and guidance for their audience. Whether you are looking to reach out to landlords or tenants, offering tips on looking after a property will be of benefit to your audiences.

Market trends and statistics
This isn’t going to be the most exciting of topics for a blog post but there are many people who are keen to find relevant information about the state and development of the local property market. If you can provide these details and update them as and when required, you’ll find that people will come back to your blog on a regular basis.

Interview your clients
One good way to generate content and ideas for your blog is to chat to your clients. This can provide you with feedback on your current services but it can also help promote other businesses, landlords or allow people to feel as though they are being recognised and paid attention to.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK