10 Wicked Blog Ideas For An Estate Agent

When it comes to promoting your estate agency, it can help to have a blog that you update regularly. This is a great idea in practice but many people find that they struggle to come up with ideas to blog about. This shouldn’t be a concern though because there are many great topics to write about with respect to an estate agency and here are 10 wicked blog ideas for an estate agent.

Cost of living comparisons between local area and other cities
When it comes to moving to a new city, or deciding on whether your current home is the best place for you, it can be helpful for people to understand the cost of living in their city. A blog post that contrasts the cost of everyday items and house prices in one area with places around the world or country will be of great interest. It is likely that there will be something which stands out, which will create a great talking point on social media.

Interview with local professionals
An interview is a great idea for a blog because the interviewee is likely to share your interview with their followers and associates. This will ensure that more people see your blog, hopefully spreading the word about what you have to say. There is also a great deal to say for spotlight local businesses and providing interesting information to your readers.

Update on upcoming events in the local area
If you want to be seen as an expert in your local, give people reason to keep coming back to your site. If you post about upcoming events on your site, people will decide to check back and stay informed of all upcoming events and information. This is the sort of content that gets shared on social media, which should be one of the main aims of blogging.

Spotlight local businesses
If you want people to respect what you offer and to come back to you on a regular basis, you want to be seen as providing a good standard of news and information. This is why you shouldn’t just focus on your own business and industry; you should look beyond yourself at other businesses. If you can play a role in your community, you will find that other businesses will be more likely to support you.

Detail the local travel and transport options
Making it easier for people to find certain locations or places of interest is a great service and this is something that you can offer in an effective yet simple manner. Detailing the different travel and transport options, how to buy tickets and what offers are available will be of great interest to people looking to move to the local area.

Showcase present day and historical images of a particular area
There is always going to be a lot of interest in the past and making comparisons with the present day. You should find that there are numerous archives of historical pictures from your local area and with the right credit; you will be able to place them on to your site. Drawing comparisons and contrasts between the past and now is always going to get people talking and sharing content on social media, so you may be surprised at how effective a tactic this is.

Provide tips about moving home
Moving home is extremely stressful so why not offer tips and advice to your audience. If you can help to make the moving process easier or give people ideas that they hadn’t previously considered, you should find that people start to think of you as an expert when it comes to moving home. This is never a bad position to hold as an estate agent.

Provide tips on how best to present a home
If you want people who are looking to sell or let out their home to come to you for guidance, make it worth their while. Offering up tips on how to best present a home for viewers will be great information. If you add in some quirky or unexpected tips, you can expect to find that your content gets shared on social media.

Provide tips on how to maintain a house and garden
You don’t want to offer a service that stops when someone has bought a property. You want to develop a longer term relationship with customers, and you can do this by offering advice and tips on how to get the most from a home or property. If you provide people with reasons to come on back to what you offer, you will find that your reputation grows and people will call on you time and time again.

Discuss mortgage options
Looking for the right or most appropriate mortgage can be a difficult task for many people and any sort of guidance or assistance can make a massive difference to people looking to buy a home. This is why providing mortgage information and guidance is a sensible move for estate agents.

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