11 Ways How to Attract Landlords by Using Social Media

While social media platforms are an excellent way to engage with people, it can sometimes be difficult to find a platform that helps you to find people that may not be sure that they want to be found!

There is no doubt that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are ideal for businesses looking to find potential customers but can an estate agent use social media sites to find potential landlords?

The good news is that they can and they can help in two key aspects. Social media platforms can help in uncovering or finding potential landlords and it can also help in attracting landlords to the firm.

These are 11 ways in which an estate agent can find and attract landlords by using social media.

1. Ask if anyone is looking to let out their property
2. Post about a local area you are looking to find landlords in
3. Create posts talking about the average rental yields in the local area
4. Create posts about how you can help landlords to obtain more than average price per month
5. Offer tips on letting out a home that prove you are an expert in this field
6. Link to testimonials from satisfied landlords you have worked with
7. Link to testimonials from satisfied tenants you have worked with
8. Create posts that discuss legislative measures that impact on landlords
9. Search on relevant terms that landlords may be using
10. Search for forums and discussion groups social media accounts and then link to them
11. Utilise hashtags and promoted tweets to find potential landlords

You will find that these tips are a combination of finding landlords on social media and in providing the landlord with reasons to come and use your site or services. Showing that you are the experts in your field and that you can help landlords to rent out their property for a fair and reasonable price is a great step in enticing landlords to you.

Show that you are the estate agent firm that people want to work with:

You want to show that you can provide landlords with reliable income while minimising the amount of work or effort that they have to put in. This is always a great incentive for any landlord and if you are able to show that your firm has experience, expertise and a great track record in this area, you will find that you are able to provide them with a great range of reasons for signing up to what you offer.

It should also be remembered that social media platforms provide good search capabilities, and this can be useful when it comes to uncovering landlords that want to work with you. Twitter and Facebook can be far more effective for searching for a specific type of person than Google or Bing can be so don’t overlook the benefits of using social media platforms in this manner.

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Written By

Ian Watson


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