12 Reasons Why An Estate Agent Should Blog Every Week

Working as an estate agent can be busy which means that you often don’t have a lot of spare time to do the things that you would like to. This means that many roles or working practices can slip by, but you will find that making the time for certain tasks makes sense. Most businesses will find that creating a blog makes sense and this is certainly true for the estate agent industry.

If you are unsure of how often you should create a blog, here are 12 reasons why an estate agent should blog every week.

Things can change quickly
Let’s face it, the estate agency industry in some places can move quickly. This means that content that is relevant one week can be out of date the next week. This means that you should be looking to provide fresh content as often as possible, and committing to a weekly schedule will help you to stay fresh and relevant in your industry.

You want to be seen as being regular
If you are looking to develop an audience for your blog, you want to have people coming back on a regular basis. This means that committing to a posting schedule of at least once a week makes sense because people will know when to look out for your content.

Good SEO benefits
Blog content can have a positive impact on SEO and the main search engines want to see you creating blog posts on a regular basis. The more content you can offer to sites like Google and Bing, the more likely they will be to rank you higher for the relevant keywords that you are targeting so be sure to post once a week.

It provides you with content to share on social media
If you want to make the most of social media, you want to have content that is worth sharing. If you create content on a weekly basis, you will find that you always have something to share with your audience, so make sure that you keep people looking out for what you have to offer.

It helps to develop your brand image and identity
There is a great deal to be said for creating an image or identity in the minds of your customers. A blog provides you with a fantastic way to achieve because you can get your message across in the tone that you like. When it comes to developing a personality and reaching out to an audience in a certain manner, a blog is a fantastic way to develop a brand image and identity.

It gives your team a voice
One of the things about blogging is that anyone can join in. It may be that you want your team to have a go at creating blog content and if you have a regular schedule, people can take it in turns. This means that everyone has a chance to share their opinions, which provides a more rounded viewpoint on your industry.

Blogging is cost effective
You don’t have to spend any money on blogs, which means that you can get a fantastic return for the work that you carry out. Even if you factor in the time spent on creasing blog content, you should find that blogging is cost effective.

Blogging provides you with business focus
When you create blog posts, you should research your topic and make sure that you are sharing relevant information. This means that creating blog content will help to keep you focused and sharp with respect to your business and industry.

Blogging allows your audience to talk to you
Although a blog is primarily a platform for you to talk to your audience, if you allow comments on your blogs, you will find that people can talk to you back. This creates a sense of engagement, allowing you to receive feedback and information from your customers. This is something that many businesses have spent a considerable sum of money on but with a good quality blog, you can receive this feedback for free.

Blogging can be fun
Many people find that voicing their opinion and speaking with others is fun so posting a blog on a weekly basis is something that becomes enjoyable.

It keeps you in the habit of blogging
If you don’t blog on a weekly basis, you will find that you can fall out of the habit very quickly. This means that before too long, you haven’t updated your blog in a while and you receive no benefits from it. Committing to blogging on a weekly basis provides you with the platform to stay in touch and not lose hold of your blog.

Get free PR
You will often find that journalists or other bloggers are looking for content ideas and the more frequently you post, the more likely it will be that your content and blog will inspire them to write a piece. This could lead to you receiving further exposure and publicity.

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Written By

Ian Watson


Agent Media UK