12 Wicked video ideas to help increase new business to your Estate Agency

Video content is hugely important for firms these days and as an estate agent, you should be aware of the impact that video can have on your audience. Images have long been at the heart of estate agency promotion but in the present day, video content is essential. This is what people want to see, it is the best format for today’s devices and you have a fantastic opportunity to showcase your properties and services using video content.

It is likely that you know video content is important for you, but do you know what sort of video content you should use? At Agent Media, we know the importance of video, we know how to use video to achieve impressive results and we want to provide you with 12 wicked video ideas to help increase new business to your estate agency.

Showcase the property
Whether you are looking to sell or let a property, or you want to persuade vendors that you will promote their property in the most effective way, video walkthroughs and video content are essential.

Video content provides prospective buyers with access to the home from the comfort of their home or place of work. When it comes to generating interest in a property, video content is one of the best tools estate agents have at their disposal.

Showcase the surrounding areas
You will often find that when you sell a home, you must also sell the surrounding area. Therefore, use video content to show what the area has to offer. This will provide prospective buyers with insight into the area, helping them to feel at home long before they buy property. If you are focused on attracting vendors, video content of the surrounding area marks you out as a local specialist who will promote property in an effective manner.

Offer How-To Guides for areas you operate in
Showing people how to do certain things is always a great idea for a video. For a local area, showing people how to get to local bus stops, stations or train stations is a great bonus. You want to make processes seem as simple as possible and walking people through an area and showing them where to go is of benefit.

You’ll also find how to content to be of value when people must fill in documents or provide information. Showing the document being completed by a member of staff, highlighting what should be completed, will speed up the moving process and minimise the likelihood of mistakes being made.

Highlight a local store or community group
As an estate agent, you want to be seen as being prominent in your local area. Create videos highlighting local stores, good causes or community groups to be recognised as a firm that cares about the local community. There is also the bonus of this style of content being the sort of content that gets shared by people in your community, increasing your reach.

Interview a staff member about their role
People want to know about your employees so video clips interviewing them about their role and their time away from work will be interesting. This style of content will also engage your employees and you should receive shares from your employees and their friends and family members.

Create agent profiles for all agents
Similarly, create agent profiles for your team. This gives people an insight into what you do, and it creates a more personable profile for your firm. People want to do business with people, and this style of content allows your employees to share their expertise, their skills and their personality.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions
There will be questions that estate agents are asked on a regular basis. It makes sense to create video content where you answer these questions and you can share this on social media on a regular basis. This will save you time and it means users can feel confident about what you do if you can answer all their questions quickly.

Offer customer testimonial videos
In the social media era, customer testimonials are essential. It is understandable that many consumers are wary of what firms say. People want proof from other people, so why not ask existing customers if they would be happy to provide you with customer testimonials extoling your virtues. When you have genuine proof of the work you do, and how happy it makes your clients, people will choose your firm with greater confidence.

Discuss latest prices or market issues
You want to be seen as a market specialist so talk about the market. If something significant has happened that impacts on the property market, such as a rise in interest rates, record a team member talking about the matter and stating how it will affect buyers and sellers.

This content will go a long way to marking your firm out as specialists that can be trusted.

Offer a fun or bloopers reel video
You shouldn’t promote with every post, and a fun or bloopers reel video can showcase another side to your estate agency. This isn’t to say that employees should deliberately fall over or do something silly but if you have fun content, don’t be afraid to share it.

This style of content showcases the fact that you have a warm personality, and this will help potential customers relate to you more.

Set up a dashboard cam video and drive around the local area
A very quick and effortless way to generate video content is to stick a camera or your smartphone on your dashboard and capture the local area. If you have a staff member that feels confident to narrate the content, do so, but in many cases, original content of your local area will be all you need to offer to make a mark in your local area.

List Videos
Everyone loves lists, and this is the sort of content that is quickly and easily shared on social media. As an estate agent, you should create lists that help people sell their home or find out what step they want to take next in the property market. A notable example of a list-video that will help generate new business and raise awareness of your estate agency is “10 tips to wow viewers of your home” or similar.

This style of written content has long been popular because vendors want to know how to impress buyers. However, by showing vendors how to make some simple changes at their home, you add even more value to the standard post and you should have people sharing and acting on your video content before too long.

At Agent Media, we aim to provide you with the best standard of support in reaching your audience. Video content is essential for estate agents these days, but with these ideas, you will hopefully have plenty of options to consider. If you are looking for more support in creating video content, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

As a final recap, here are 12 wicked ideas to help increase new business for your estate agency:

  1. Showcase the property
  2. Showcase the surrounding areas
  3. Offer How-To Guides for areas you operate in
  4. Highlight a local store or community group
  5. Interview a staff member about their role
  6. Create agent profiles for all agents
  7. Answer Frequently Asked Questions
  8. Offer customer testimonial videos
  9. Discuss latest prices or market issues
  10. Offer a fun or bloopers reel video
  11. Set up a dashboard cam video and drive around the local area
  12. List Style Videos

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Written By
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