16 Content Marketing Ideas to Attract More Landlords

If you have a service that helps landlords, you need to make sure you reach out to landlords. This can be difficult, but one of the smartest ways to attract more landlords to you is through the content you create and share, and it makes sense to create as many blogs or vlogs as you can to reach out to landlords.

Excellent quality and relevant content provides value to landlords, it offers them information that helps them run their business and it indicates that you are an expert that can trusted in this area of work.

Help landlords feel confident about their business
Superior quality and relevant content will also pique the interest of a landlord or property investor, encouraging them to get in touch with you. You need to make sure that landlords are aware of you and how you can help them, and content marketing remains the best way to attract more landlords.

If you agree with the importance of content marketing but you are struggling for content ideas, we are here to help.

Here are 16 content marketing ideas to attract more landlords:

  1. Local area: Rental Yields
  2. Local area: House Prices
  3. Talk about different areas – compare roads
  4. Compare developments
  5. Discuss good areas/roads for investment
  6. Discuss what type of flat/house works best in your area
  7. Talk about historic prices/rents
  8. Discuss infrastructure locally
  9. Discuss why now is the right time to buy to let
  10. Video/interview successful landlords/investors locally
  11. Forecast potential prices and rental yields
  12. Video/interview local conveyancers talking about investor habits
  13. Talk about whether to furnish/part furnish or unfurnished properties to rent
  14. Discuss landlords’ legislation and duties
  15. Discuss tenants’ rights
  16. Discuss tax laws for landlords

Hopefully that list will get you thinking but we’ll briefly expand on the topics to help you generate content that helps landlords and you.

Local area: Rental Yields
Before investing in an area, a landlord should be aware of the expected rental yield and what return they should get. It is also helpful for a landlord to stay in touch with this information over time. By providing this information, you help landlords make informed decisions and save them time and effort.

Local area: House Prices
House prices are also hugely important for landlords and will impact on where they invest or continue to let. By providing local area house prices you should you are knowledgeable about the area and you make life easier for the landlord.

Talk about different areas – compare roads
When a landlord is looking to invest, they often must compare different areas or streets, so do this job for them. Compare roads and provide insight into prices, facilities, amenities, who lives here and what sort of community is on offer. This will aid a landlord in making an informed decision.

Compare developments
If there is a choice of developments taking place in a local area, review these developments, highlight the benefits or drawbacks of each development and suggest who the developments will appeal to. If a development is likely to appeal to a landlord, say so and tell them why this is the case.

Discuss good areas/roads for investment
Save landlords time and money by highlighting areas that are ripe for investment. Discuss the merits of certain areas or roads, indicate what sort of tenants are looking for property and detail why an investment is right for landlords.

Discuss what type of flat/house works best in your area

Each area has characteristics of its own, and there are likely tenants looking for property. Therefore, some properties will work better than others, and you should discuss the types of flats or houses that you have found to work best in your area.

Talk about historic prices/rents
Sharing historical information on prices and rents shows your knowledge of an area and it can show the long-term potential for landlords. Short-term changes in prices and rents may be appealing or a daunting (deplete as applicable for your local area) but investment is a long-term process and historic prices and rents can provide landlords with confidence.

Discuss infrastructure locally
The standard and availability of local infrastructure has an enormous impact on landlords, because it impacts on tenants. Good transport and retail infrastructure transforms an area, making it a more suitable place to stay, so landlords need to be aware of what is on offer in the local area.

Discuss why now is the right time to buy to let
There will be landlords who are swithering over the market and whether this is the right time to buy to let. Use your awareness of the local market to provide legitimate reasons as to why investors should get involved with the buy to let market right now.

Video/interview successful landlords/investors locally
Every client in every industry is looking for proof from people like them, so interviewing landlords and investors who have achieved success in your area is a brilliant way to persuade landlords and investors that they can achieve success.

Forecast potential prices and rental yields
Even though no one can state with 100% confidence what will happen in a property market, people want informed predictions. Use your experience and knowledge of the market to offer informed price and rental yield predictions

Video/interview local conveyancers talking about investor habits
Investors want to know what other investors are doing, and they want insight into how similar people behave, react and act in the industry. Talking with a local conveyancer about investor habits helps investors feel confident about the actions they take.

Talk about whether to furnish/part furnish or unfurnished properties to rent
An issue that many landlords struggle with is deciding to offer a flat in a furnished, part-furnished or unfurnished state. There are pros and cons for all these services, so detail the merits of each, relate it to the properties and prospective tenants in an area and assist landlords in making an informed decision.

Discuss landlords’ legislation and duties
A landlord has many duties and there is a lot of legislation for landlords to be aware of. This can be overwhelming for a landlord. Provide insight into the legislation a landlord must comply and act as a one-stop shop for all their legislation needs, which will see landlords respect you and return to you regularly.

Discuss tenants’ rights
Landlords must be aware of tenants’ rights, but it can be time-consuming and challenging. By keeping landlords informed of tenants’ rights, you provide them with an important service which saves them time and inconvenience, helping them form a positive opinion of you.

Discuss tax laws for landlords
We all dislike tax laws but they are important for all businesses, and landlords have a lot of tax laws to consider. Provide them with an oversight of tax laws, new regulations and anything which will help a landlord be more informed with respect their tax obligations.

These content marketing ideas will help you engage landlords and will ensure they see you as the professional that can help them. At Agent Media, we are content marketing specialists in the property and lettings industry, and we are here to provide you with assistance in reaching your audience, so get in touch.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK