17 Blog Writing Ideas for an Estate Agent


When it comes to providing fresh and regular content for your estate agent blog, you may find it is a struggle to come up with topics for your blog. It is often difficult to get started but one of the best things about the estate agent industry is that there are so many different areas of interest and relevancy.

You will obviously want to think about your own firm, its reputation and the areas you operate in before you start creating blogs, but you will find that there are plenty of ways in which you can find interesting topics to create a blog from.

This guide lists 17 blog writing ideas for an estate agent and collates them together under different headings, which should provide you with a great starting point. There is an almost endless supply of topics you can choose from in these topics so have a look at these topics and you will likely spin off ideas of your own.

Elements in the local area

It is important for an estate agent to have an interest in the local community, and to play a part in what is going on around them. You should find that the local community provides you with an almost endless supply of topics and points of interest.

The following five blog writing ideas are great if you are looking to focus on your local area:

• Describe the architecture in a local area
• Information about amenities and facilities – including the job market or local schools
• Offer up a cost of living comparison
• Focus on businesses in the area
• Upcoming events – gigs, theatre shows, sporting events and other activities

Resources for buyers and sellers

There is no doubt that people buying or selling their home are looking for as much guidance and support as possible. If you are looking to cement your position and reputation as being a reliable local estate agent, providing tips and guidance in these areas will be of considerable benefit. These five blog writing ideas are of great benefit if you want to help buyers and sellers:

• Checklist before moving home
• A step by step guide to closing a property deal
• A comparison piece on property prices
• Tips on how to be a good landlord / tenant
• Mistakes that sellers make when selling their home

Home Maintenance

Another area in which you can provide great advice is helping people to look after their home. Whether this is to help someone sell their home in great condition or you are looking to provide an after-sales care service to people who have bought from you, this is a great area of discussion.

These five blog writing ideas will ensure you have a lot to talk about.

• Latest building trends
• Safe proofing your home for children
• Pest control
• Landscaping and gardening tips
• How to save energy in the home


Money is always a big issue for people buying, selling or letting so any advice or guidance you can provide in this area will be well received. These two blog writing ideas will get you started but think how many areas of advice you can provide to people with respect to finance?

• Checking and improving your credit score
• Mortgage news

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Written By

Ian Watson


Agent Media UK