21 Reasons Why an Estate Agent Should Embrace Social Media


When it comes to promoting your estate agent’s business, you should be looking to embrace social media. You may think that social media is for fun and socialising, but it is becoming an integral part of many modern businesses, and if you are not involved with social media, you are likely to be missing out.

There are countless reasons why an estate agent should embrace social media but here are 21 reasons why you should be using this style of media.

1. It is free
2. Social media is where people hang out
3. People are checking social media on a daily basis
4. Social media is ideal for mobile users, which is a medium that is rising all the time
5. Social media allows you to create an image and identity for yourself
6. Social media enables you to engage effectively with clients and guests
7. You can respond in real time
8. You can target who your posts and tweets reach
9. Paid for advertising offers benefits and a good return
10. Social media allows you to connect with your local area
11. Social media posts can position you as an industry expert
12. Social media posts don’t take long to write
13. Social media can use text, images and video
14. Social media content can go viral if the content is good
15. Social media can boost traffic towards your site
16. Social media can provide SEO benefits to your business website
17. Social media is easy to use
18. Social media is available 24 hours a day
19. Social media allows you to organise promotions and offers at short notice
20. Social media provides you with the chance to show a more personal side
21. If you don’t utilise social media, your rivals will and they will steal a march on you.

The fact that there are so many reasons to use social media, including so many different types of reasons, should ensure that there is an impetus for all companies to get involved with this sort of platform.

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Written By

Ian Watson


Agent Media UK