25 Tips an Estate Agent Should Use On Facebook


Having a Facebook page is crucial for all companies and this includes estate agents. It is important to set your Facebook page up properly to ensure you receive the best return for your time and effort. A well-constructed estate agent page on Facebook has the opportunity to generate a great deal of interest for a firm, so these 25 tips an estate agent should use on Facebook should provide you with perfect starting point.

The 25 Facebook tips for estate agents are:

1. Make sure you have filled in all of the data and information points and tabs on your page
2. Use high quality images because visuals are essential in making an impact
3. Include a property search tab that connects directly to your website
4. Tabs with a call to action, like “Request a valuation” will create engagement and attract a higher level of leads
5. Consider introducing an app that creates engagement and encourages users to come back on a regular basis
6. Link to a Twitter account and maintain this Twitter account
7. Create a YouTube account, update it and then link to it from Facebook
8. Create a tab or an app where people can invite their friends, this will increase sharing and will help to bring in new users
9. Have a contact page or tab where people can message you directly
10. Encourage all of your employees to like the page, and then get them to tell their friends and family members to do the same
11. Don’t only post promotional material, provide useful information or educational material
12. Ensure that you link to Facebook from your site, email and other avenues.
13. Provide incentives for users / vendors to like your page and to share content – competitions or users of the month awards are a great way to bring in new users and reward sharing
14. Encourage satisfied customers to place recommendations on your page
15. Engage effectively, so ask questions and find out what people want from you
16. Like and interact on pages of relevant firms, local groups and related entities
17. Be sure to share content that you enjoy or think is valuable, this is likely to lead to reciprocation before too long
18. Ensure your blogs are placed on Facebook
19. Schedule time to create and post newsworthy statuses
20. Use the analytical information provided by Facebook Insights to determine what works. Certain styles of posts or posting at certain times may be of benefit.
21. Thank new guests and users of your site
22. Place popular (and relevant) videos on your Facebook page
23. Utilise Facebook ads to spread awareness of what you offer
24. Use cartoons and video clips that are relevant
25. Have a complaint process in place where people can make complaints and receive an answer in a short period of time

These tips will provide you with the perfect starting point, but be sure to infuse your page with your own identity and corporate brand. Different firms have their own image, so be sure to treat your Facebook page as you would any other form of communication.

It doesn’t take long to update your Facebook page, and you will find that doing it regularly helps you create a platform that allows for a sustained relationship.

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Written By

Ian Watson


Agent Media UK