3 Ways To Win Clients With Social Media

As an estate agent, you should always be looking for ways to win new clients. Knowing who your audience is and ensuring you provide a good service to these clients are important tasks but the middle step of winning clients is vital to your overall success. This is why you should always be looking for ways to draw new people to your site and estate agency, and here are three ways to win clients with social media.

Share testimonials from previous clients…or create new content by speaking to past customers
It is important to share proof of what you can do or what other people think of you. In the digital era, it is easy for firms to make grandiose claims about what they provide and this has left many people looking at firms in a cynical manner. An increasing number of people want to see evidence of a firm’s track record or success and there is no better way to show what you can do than by sharing testimonials from clients who have used your services.

Firms should remind or ask customers that a recommendation or review on social media would be greatly appreciated. If you do receive any positive comments, be sure to retweet or share them and every so often, you should create blog content or a web page that highlights the positive reviews that your customers have provided for your company. You should therefore look to share these posts on social media on a regular basis.

If you are still in touch with previous clients, or you are currently dealing with clients, ask if they would mind giving you a recommendation which you capture on video. A ten second clip of a satisfied customer talking about their experience with you is likely to make more of a connection with your audience than 100 posts where you talk about your services. You’ll also find that if you share content that includes customers, these people will share your content, placing you in front of a wider audience.

Review who is following your rivals/competitors and then target these people
There are many ways you can use social media to your advantage, and this is definitely the case in finding new clients. The search and targeted features provided by social media platforms can be a big help in finding people who are interested in what you have to offer, but a simple approach that may help you find relevant clients is by reviewing who follows or likes your rivals.

If you are a local estate agent, it stands to reason that people who are interested in what one local estate agent has to offer may also be interested in what your company provides. On Twitter, you can create lists, and by creating a list of people who follow your rivals, you have the chance to find out more about people who will likely have an interest in what you provide. You can use this list and this information to learn more about the needs of your audience and you can even engage them, generally or directly.

If someone has gone to the effort of having a list or collection of people who will likely have an interest in what you have to offer, it makes sense to take advantage of this. There is a lot to be said for analysing your rivals on social media, and this is just one area where you can develop your audience or provide a better standard of service to people.

All businesses should consider who their competitors are and what they are doing. It may be that examining the output of your rivals will provide you with examples you can copy or it may provide you with ideas that will help you stand apart from similar firms in your area.

Share video footage of your company undertaking a property viewing
When it comes to pleasing people on social media, video content is hugely important. Video content grabs people’s attention and it is short and snappy, fitting in with people’s busy lifestyle, use of social media or short attention spans. You therefore want to showcase your skills and your portfolio in a manner that will help you generate traffic, and sharing video footage of one of your estate agents undertaking a property viewing is ideal for these aspects.

The video content will showcase the house itself, so if you are looking to sell or let the property, allow as many people to see the content as you can. However, if you want to show that your company are the smart option for people who want to sell or let their property, showcase your team at work.

The viewing stage is hugely important when it comes to selling or letting and offering content that highlights how effective your team are in this line of work will persuade potential clients to hire you.

Social media is a fantastic tool when used correctly and estate agents are in a position where they can generate business and win new clients through proper use of the platform. If you want to find out how to utilise social media effectively, contact Agent Media for assistance and guidance.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK