5 Awesome Blog Writing Ideas For Your Letting Agency

A blog is a fantastic way to generate content, impress your audience, drive traffic and make sure people visit your site. Letting agencies are advised to operate a blog but many are unsure what to write about.

Here are 5 awesome blog writing ideas for your letting agency.

Contrast the cost of living in your area to other parts of the country
One interesting topic that landlords and tenants will be interested in is the cost of living in their particular area and how it compares to other parts of the country. Whether you focus on the cost of buying a home, the cost of rent or the cost of everyday items will depend on what is most pertinent, and positive, for your business. There should always be a way to present the facts surrounding your local area in a positive manner.

With statistics provided by the Government regarding property and household basket prices, and your own local knowledge, this should be a topic that everyone can write about, and everyone will have an opinion on it.

Provide users with a checklist for moving into rented property
If you can add value with your blog or make someone’s life easier, it will be well received. One great blog topic that will provide assistance for people is creating a checklist that tells new tenants what they need when moving into a rented property.

Your own expertise of the industry and the moving process should ensure that you can reel off the key items for tenants to be aware of.

Discuss the latest legal changes that landlords and tenants need to be aware of
One benefit of running a blog is that it can help you to be seen as an expert in your industry or sector. If you want people to regard you as a specialist that is worth following for news and updates, blog about the latest rules and regulations regarding letting opportunities in your area. This is information that will be valued by landlords and tenants so it can help to position your company and blog as a trusted source.

Talk about a forthcoming event or celebration in the local area
You should look to ensure that you focus on the local area or community. This will boost your search engine rankings with respect to being associated with an area and it will reinforce your local credentials to your followers. This information can add value to people’s lives, perhaps allowing them to plan ahead for a big event or giving them warning about a change to the everyday routine of the local area.

If you can be seen as a trusted source of local news and information, you’ll very quickly develop a strong following in the community.

Interview one of your team members and talk about their average day at work
One thing that is good to bear in mind when running a blog is that people love to see a personal side to your business. People may buy from or do business with companies but they develop relationships with people. Your blog should shine a light on your employees. You can do this in a number of ways, including:

• Run a Q&A session with your employees
• Detail an average working day for an employee
• Ask employees for funny stories of their time at the company
• Ask employees for their thoughts on the local area

Any type of post which provides a platform to your employees and allows your clients to meet the people that drive your business is a good idea for a blog post.

Letting agencies can use blogging as an affordable and effective way to develop their business and meet new clients. Whether your aim is to drive more traffic to your site, to make sales or just develop your audience, these blog ideas should help you to get ahead in business.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK