5 Social Media Posts To Win Instructions And Sell Homes

If you are an estate agent, it is likely you are on social media. Your audience uses Facebook, so it makes sense for you to have an account in the hope of reaching people and winning new instructions.

If you are satisfied with the amount of instructions you currently receive, you wouldn’t be on this page. Therefore, you want to know how to achieve success on social media in a way that ensures you win instructions, gain new clients and sell new homes.

If you want to achieve success on social media, consider the following steps:

1. Create awareness in what you do
2. Differentiate yourself from your peers and rivals
3. Show you are up to date and know what is currently happening in the property market
4. Showcase a track record in selling homes
5. Provide something of value which allows you to collect contact details

At Agent Media, we have a lengthy track record of assisting agents across England and Wales connect with clients on social media. If you need guidance in what sort of social media posts to create in order to win new instructions, please follow these steps.

Detail what you do
The vast majority of people who follow you will know you, your business and what you do. However, not everyone knows the full extent of what an estate agent does. You want to create awareness in what you do, and why people need to hire your services when selling a home.

It is possible for people to sell their home without hiring an estate agent, but it isn’t advisable. There are a lot of legal issues to contend with, and matters need to be concluded correctly or there is a risk of deals collapsing. A collapsed property deal can be costly, especially if one person is notably at fault.

As an estate agent, you help people avoid these risks, as well as enhancing their likelihood of selling their home. By creating posts which detail the tasks which many people take for granted, you achieve this aim:

Create awareness in what you do

Quick tips on creating this post:
• Create a visual or video post of the amount of paperwork involved with a property deal. If you want to showcase a funny side, you can make this a humorous post, but if you convey the message of the amount of work you do for a client, your services become more essential.
• Create a blog post that walk people through the stages of one part of the sales process
• Offer an infographic which covers one aspect of the sales process

Create a personal post that showcases your personality
Without being cheeky, vendors have a lot of estate agents to choose from, and some people find it hard to tell the difference between different estate agents. You don’t need to search for too long to uncover a lot of estate agents. Before too long, they blend into one, and it often becomes difficult for people to differentiate between estate agents.

You might not be able to differentiate your services too much on price, timelines or even services, but there is one thing you have that other estate agents don’t have.

You and your staff members are the most obvious differentiators between your agency and any other, so it makes sense to create posts which highlight your personality and nature.

People like to engage with people, and when you share posts that offer insight into you, the background of your business and the people in it, you stand your company apart from other agencies.

Therefore, you achieve this aim:

Differentiate yourself from your peers and rivals

Quick tips on creating this post:
• Interview your employees on camera, asking them about their time in the industry and some of the things that drive them
• Create behind the scenes footage of your office
• Create a day in the life video or blog for one of your agents

Share and discuss the latest market news

The housing market changes fast, and people want to know they are working with an up to date estate agent. This is the case in any year, but in 2020, it is paramount. Therefore, you want to assure your audience you are a well-connected and highly informed estate agent.

You can do this by sharing and debating industry news, local news, property developments and all other factors which are relevant to the selling and buying of homes in your area.

Some of your clients might research this news for themselves, but most will not. A client hires an estate agent because they expect the agent to be fully informed, and in a position to make relevant decisions on their behalf. If you provide your audience with relevant news and show you remain in touch with your sector, you become a trusted agent.

By sharing the latest news, you achieve this aim:

Show you are up to date and know what is currently happening in the property market

Quick tips on creating this post:
• Share posts from industry leaders
• Explain what recent changes in the industry are – such as the stamp duty holiday, interest rate changes or any changes to the Help To Buy scheme
• Create a video post where you talk about a local issue
• Create a blog post which responds to a breaking industry news story

Share testimonials from users
You know there is a degree of cynicism and scepticism when it comes to social media and the internet. Continual bombardment and huge claims of success have left people weary of boasts made by companies, which means people are looking for proof of your track record.

The best way you can achieve this on social media is to share testimonials from the clients you have served in the past. Reviews are crucial for all companies, but in the property market, good reviews are golden for an agency.

You should encourage people to leave reviews, and wherever you can, and without compromising the terms and conditions of any platforms, you should incentivise customers to leave reviews. At the very least, you should make the review process as simple as possible.

When you showcase testimonials from previous clients, you achieve this aim:

Showcase a track record in selling homes

Quick tips on creating this post:
• Create images including testimonials from clients
• Interview previous clients on video
• Ask clients to send in a video review
• Create videos of customers reviews

Offer something of value
If you want to move a social media follower into a client, it helps to offer them something. Ideally, you are looking for an email address or a telephone number. Having contact details allows you to send more tailored information to a potential customer, or you could even phone them for a one-to-one conversation.

You shouldn’t expect people to provide this access to them for free. If you want to receive a clients contact details, and their approval for you to contact them, you need to offer something in return. This is called a “lead magnet”, and it provides your client with something that offers value to them in return for the contact details which have value to you.

When you offer a lead magnet or guide which people want to read, you achieve this aim

Provide something of value which allows you to collect contact details

Quick tips on creating this post:
• Create a checklist that walks people through one part of the sales process
• Create a video that provides a step by step to filling in forms
• Offer a free property valuation

If you are an estate agent looking to win instructions and gain new clients, you need to harness the power of social media. At Agent Media, we are social media specialists, and we are pleased to say we have assisted estate agents and agencies connect with their audience, develop their reputation and gain instructions.

If you want to learn how you can create posts that help you win instructions and ultimately, sell homes in a challenging time, contact us today.