5 Wicked Special Offer Ideas For Your Letting Agency

When promoting your letting agency, it makes sense to provide special offers. While many businesses lend themselves to special offers more easily than letting agencies, there are still ways you can entice people to use your services.

Here are 5 wicked special offer ideas for your letting agency.

Money off offers
No matter what industry you are in, a money off offer is always going to be appealing. If you are focusing on reaching out to landlords, cutting the commission you take for the first month may be a great way to generate interest. If you are appealing directly to the tenants, a cheaper first month of rent could be a good way to get people interested. In order to benefit from a money off offer at the start of an agreement, you need to make sure that people are tied in to a lengthier agreement.

Provide a free or cheaper additional service
Offering an additional service, such as laundry collection or being available to pick up parcels, for free one month is a great way to introduce the service. Ideally, the tenant or landlord will find it of value and will then decide to pay for it in the following months.

Run a competition for a voucher for a local restaurant
Social media is all about competitions and you should use this style of promotional activity to reach out to new followers and create awareness in your brand. Providing a voucher for a local restaurant allows your estate agency to reiterate that you serve the local area and it can allow you to collaborate with another local business. This should allow your business the chance to reach out to their audience, and vice versa.

Depending on your company’s image or brand, you may decide that a voucher for a different type of business would be best. You could offer a voucher for a local furniture store or a hardware store, which could help landlords or tenants buy something which improves the property.

If your idea of special offer is only for customers or to entice a sale, rather than placing it on social media, the conditions of entry could be for people that sign up for an appointment or who enquire about certain products or services.

Arrange for cleaning services to clean at the property
Both landlords and tenants will be interested in gaining the services of a cleaning agency. It may be that your company’s presence in the local area could see you gain a discounted rate from a reliable cleaning firm. If your letting agency created a contract for a cleaning firm to clean all of your properties, you’d likely receive a discount which you could pass on to your tenants or landlords.

Landlords should appreciate that a clean home is likely to be better maintained, tenants will stay longer and more money can be brought in. Tenants should find that cleaner property makes life easier for them and increases the likelihood of obtaining their deposit back.

If your letting agency utilises your bulk-buying power and passes the discounted payments on to your tenants or landlord, they benefit while saving money but you also benefit without paying any money. When properties are kept in good condition, a letting agency will generally benefit through less work and less hassle, so this is an offer that can be of significant benefit to all parties.

Arrange for discounted removal services
Again, using your bulk buying power as a letting agency, you should be able to arrange a discount with a local removals firm. This will save tenants or landlords money and it should reduce a lot of stress and hassle around the moving process. This allows your firm to provide value to your customers by making their life easier.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK