6 Advertising Ideas That Will Help Gain More Rental Instructions For Your Agency

Advertising remains a great way to gain more rental instructions for your agency but if you are struggling for ideas or you want something different to stand you apart from other letting agents, it can be difficult to know what works. Here are 6 advertising ideas that will help gain more rental instructions for your agency.

Create video clips of the properties you have let
With social media being so important, and the use of smartphone for internet access continually rising, video is a vital component for letting agents. Good quality video footage can be created on smartphones so there is no need to invest a lot of money to get great results. If you showcase the sort of properties you have let, property owners in similar homes will be more confident that you can assist in letting their property.

Before and after images of properties you have presented to the market
Visual images are also very important in the social media and smartphone era and pictures of the property you present and let should form part of your advertising campaigns. You want to showcase the difference you make to clients and their properties, which makes before and after pictures a great tool.

Experienced and reliable letting agents will know the best ways to present a home to make it more attractive to potential tenants, so let landlords and current property owners know that you possess these skills and talents.

Highlight the rental yield (or rental income) of certain areas
It may be that people are unaware of how much rental income they can receive or how much of a return they can receive on their investment. If you operate in an area where there is a chance of a good return, it should be included in your advertising campaign.

Run a competition
When it comes to achieving success with social media advertising activities, running competitions is always a good idea. This is because people love competitions, they love the chance to win something and they like sharing with their friends and associates.

There are many types of competitions you can use to promote your letting agency but something that results in engagement or people arranging appointments with your agency or to visit your premises should be considered as a good basis for a competition.

Provide testimonials from landlords you have worked alongside before
In the social media era, offering proof from real people and customers is vital. It is difficult for potential clients to know who to trust and who to avoid, so you want to provide your audience with as much confidence and reassurance as you possibly can. You should ask existing and previous clients who you developed a good working relationship with for a review or testimonial which will be included in an advertising campaign.

Highlighting how your clients think of you and detailing the benefits you provide is the perfect way to reach out to new clients in the social media age.

Focus on your tenants
If you want to convince landlords or property owners that you can help them let their property quickly and for the best price, you need to showcase that you have access to the best tenants or the most tenants. You could do this by listing the volume of tenants you have or if people agree, you could run an advertising campaign that showcases your landlord and tenant. If you can show that you provide tenants who pay on time and behave well, landlords and property owners will be keen for you to represent them.

Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK