6 Awesome Facebook Live Ideas for Estate Agents

Given the way Facebook is clamping down on business pages organically reaching their audience, and the growing importance of live video content, it makes sense to consider Facebook Live to promote your estate agency business on social media. Not everyone is confident being in front of the camera, but with this fast and affordable option providing a fantastic way to get in front of your audience, most estate agents find that at least one member of staff is willing to be the public face of the company.

While offering live video content on Facebook is a fantastic way for estate agents to reach people, it is worth putting in the effort to create video content that adds value. Even though you will be recording live, you should always take the time to prepare and plan your content, allowing you to offer immense value to our audience, and to feel more confident during the filming process. At Agent Media, we know that many firms want to offer more video content but sometimes struggle to think of content ideas, and therefore, we are going to run through 6 awesome Facebook Live ideas for estate agents.

Promote a new property before it is listed on web portals
This is a great topic for several reasons. You are offering an exclusive look at property that hasn’t yet been listed, and people love exclusivity. If you promote the fact that you are going to reveal new property via Facebook Live, you will have more people following you and staying in touch with your content. The property market is hugely competitive, and everyone wants to gain an advantage. Providing your audience with a sneak preview of property going to the market is a way to incentivise people to follow you.

With live content, you can run through the benefits of the property and you can share images, allowing people to get a feel for the property in advance. Everyone knows the importance of images and video content in promoting property, and this makes Facebook Live the ideal platform to do so.

Interview local solicitors or mortgage advisors about the processes of buying property
Buying a home is challenging and anyone with an interest in buying property wants as much information as possible. Therefore, a great content idea is to interview specialists in various parts of the mortgage or house buying process.

You can promote these interviews in advance and if you ask for questions that people have about the process, you can have them answered by an expert. This is a fantastic way to offer value, because you are solving problems people have, and it will help to engage your audience and have them looking out for your live content.

Discuss local house prices and rental yields
Local house prices and rental yields are hugely important for your audience. If you provide these figures and discuss any changes that have happened in the past month or year, you will find that people look upon you as local property specialists. This is exactly the reputation you want to develop, and Facebook Live content focused on house prices and rental yields is a fantastic starting point in creating a relationship with your audience.

Showcase your employees
People like to develop a connection with employees at an estate agent and an informal Facebook Live event can showcase your staff in a fantastic way. Asking a few questions of staff members and allowing them to talk about their experiences and expertise in your local property area or the market in general will position you as a firm that can be trusted.

Showcase the local area
As an estate agent, you don’t just sell a home, you often must sell the entire area or local community. While a home may be ideal for the buyer or household, if there isn’t suitable transport options, local schools or shops on offer, many people will decide against developing an interest in a property.

If there are areas of interest, of great local beauty or which are likely to appeal to prospective buyers, sharing Facebook Live content of these areas makes sense. You want to promote your local area as much as you can, and if you talk knowledgably about your local area, you will be recognised as a local specialist. This will help your company be viewed as the best option when it comes to finding a local agent.

Interview reputable local business owners
You want to be a company of your local area, and you want to be viewed as a company that supports the local community. One of the best ways you can achieve is to interview reputable local business owners. If you solely promote your own content on social media, many people will grow tired of your content. It therefore makes sense to spotlight other firms who you approve of or how you think offer a great service.

This style of content provides you with the bonus of likely being shared on the social media platforms of another local firm. This can place you in front of their audience, which may help you to expand your local reach. Partnering with local firms can be of mutual benefit, so if you are thinking that this style of content won’t boost your business, it may do so in the long-term.

Don’t forget that the Facebook Live content can then be repurposed in other ways later. The video content itself can be edited into shorter or more coherent YouTube clips. If there are interesting points raised in the content, you may decide to create a blog on the topic. There is also a chance to create social media posts, images, bullet points or infographics from the content created on Facebook Live. The benefits of Facebook Live content are enough to justify you working in this area, but it makes sense to utilise your content as many ways that you can.

Also, it makes sense to plan to go live on Facebook at a certain time. This allows you to promote the live footage in advance, and this can increase the number of viewers you receive. While Facebook Live can come across as spontaneous, it is a medium that is worth investing time and effort into to ensure you receive the best possible return.

If you are looking for guidance on how to use Facebook Live, or you need help with any social media promotional activities, you will find that Agent Media is the company to call on. We have a strong track record in helping estate agents reach out to their audience and we look forward to assisting you and your company soon.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK