6 Awesome Ways To Promote Your Instant Online Valuation Tool

There are many ways to draw people to your site or get them to sign up for a mailing list but if you want to engage your audience, you have to offer them value. For estate agents, this is a literal instruction because your audience wants to know the value of their home or the values of a property or area they are interested in. Instant online valuation tools are therefore fantastic options for estate agents, but how do you alert people to the fact that you have this tool?

At Agent Media, we approve of the use of this service to attract an audience and here are 6 ways to promote your instant online valuation tool.

Facebook Advertising is a smart option
You know Facebook is hugely popular and with Facebook Advertising, you can create adverts that are tailored to the people you want to reach. Creating an advert that informs people that they can find out the value of their home or desired home in an instant will grab attention. With the targeting services, you will be able to each out to people who are in your local area and who have engaged with you before or who have expressed an interest in the local property market.

A lot of people are concerned about wasting money on advertising that reaches people that aren’t interested in what they offer, but with Facebook Advertising, you can be confident that you are reaching the right people.

SMS puts you in front of people
If you have someone’s mobile phone number, they have expressed an interest in what you offer, or you have provided services for them in the past. This ensures you are reaching out to people who are more likely to be interested in an instant valuation, which means that your advertising activity is likely to be more effective.

A SMS message promoting this service, with a link, allows people to make one click and then be taken directly to your instant online valuation tool page on your site. This adds to the effectiveness of this strategy.

Email marketing remains highly effective
Email marketing is great and while it can be used to keep your audience informed, you should be looking at ways to drive people towards your site. Given that you are reaching people by email, you aren’t looking to collect email addresses here (although with GDPR in mind you should consider engaging all your audience and updating their contact details), but it will encourage your audience to visit your site.

Even though people are on your email list, they may not engage with you, so this is a fantastic chance to re-connect with people you have worked with before.

PPC is effective and can allow you to reach a new audience
If there are sites that your audience is likely to visit, say a local news site or even a site dedicated to a local sports team, running a PPC ad on these sites is likely to be effective. You are targeting people who are in or around your area and as you only pay when someone clicks, you are spending money when driving people towards your site.

Direct mail helps you reach an audience you may not otherwise find
While it makes sense to focus a lot of attention on finding people online to drive to your instant valuation tool, not everyone uses social media or spends a lot of time searching the internet. This means that there may be people who access the internet but who are hard to reach through modern methods.

If this is the case, a more traditional marketing method, such as direct mail, is of benefit. By targeting homeowners and residents in the local area, you can create an advert that piques their natural curiosity over the value of their home, hopefully resulting in a lot of people going online and visiting your site.

People want to see video content
In the present day, video content is hugely popular, and it is what people want to see when they are online. Therefore, if you want to grab people’s attention and direct them towards your instant online valuation tool, create a video promoting it. Be sure to include links around the video.

One of the biggest issues that many estate agents complain about is offering a fantastic tool or service but no one being aware of it. If you have something that you are proud of or you feel your audience needs to see, you need to be proactive in promoting it. Following these tips will ensure that people find your instant online valuation tool and you.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK