7 Tips To Create An Effective And Social Website For Your Estate Agency

Your website should be at the heart of your activities as an estate agent. This means you need to ensure your site is effective and in the modern era, it needs to be a social site.

Here are 7 tips to create an effective social website for your estate agency.

Have a blog
When it comes to being a social site, you need to give people a reason to come back and you want them to engage with the site. The easiest and most effective way to achieve this is by having a blog. In sharing content about the industry, the local area and what you do, you provide what will hopefully be relevant and useful information to your audience. By opening up your blog for comments, you can hopefully encourage people to engage with you and each other.
With respect to having a social website, a blog is a key component.

Have one click links to all of your social media platforms
If you have a social website, it needs to be connected to social media platforms. You want to make sure that people can reach these platforms easily and you want to give them insight into what is on offer.

This is why many estate agents will provide a preview of the content they post in social media (there are many tools (or widgets) which make this process simple to undertake) on their site while also directing people towards their social media accounts. Ensuring visitors to your website know you have a social presence will go a long way to ensuring you have an effective social website.

Update your home page

If you have a static home page, it is good as a landing page but people won’t come back to your site on a regular basis to see it. You should look to provide news updates or offer freshly updated content. This will be of benefit to search engines but if you are looking to be social and see a lot of traffic coming to your site and engaging with you, give people a reason to come back to you.

Check your links
If your site is social, you’ll find that guests will want to explore your site and see what else you have to offer. To aid this, you need to make sure that all of the internal links on your site actually work and link to where they should. If people click on links that take them nowhere or cause them to get lost or land upon content they aren’t interested in, people will lose interest in your site. Checking the quality and validity of links on your site is a vital step in making your site easy to use and sociable.

Utilise images and video content
On social media, the use of images and video content is essential. This is because this type of media connects with people immediately. Good quality and/or relevant images or video clips will ensure the people who land on your site will instantly recognise what you have to offer.

Make sure that you get people onto your site in the first place. You could have the greatest website on the whole of the internet, but if no one sees it, you get no benefit.

Offer proof of what you do
In the modern era, there is nothing more important for a company than offering proof of what they provide. Customer feedback and genuine testimonials are vital in the present climate and this is where having a social presence can help. If you engage with your audience and clients on social media, you should have examples where people praise you. This content can be used on your site or at least linked to, which means you have proof backing up your claims.

Make things easy for people
Whatever you want a person to do on your site or on an individual page, make it clear. Whether this is signing up for an email list, making a purchase, calling you or any other action, make sure you have a CALL TO ACTION that people understand. You can make your site more social by making it easy to navigate and understand.
Making sure your audience can use your website while making it as effective as possible is a smart move for all estate agents.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK