7 Ways an Estate Agent Can Use LinkedIn to Their Advantage


LinkedIn can boast of being present in other 200 countries and having around 200 million members. In this way, it is easy to see how it is a platform that can be of benefit to businesses, because it is a platform geared about connecting with professionals.

This should immediately be of interest to estate agents and the evolution of LinkedIn has helped to make this one of the most effective social media platforms for estate agents.

There are a number of ways in which an estate agent can use LinkedIn to their advantage and here are the top 7 ways to do so.

Create a Strong Profile
Your profile is the first chance you have of making an impact and with billions of searches taking place every year, you want to give yourself of standing out when someone is looking for a professional service they can rely on.

This is why you should devote time to your profile. This means checking facts and examining the grammar and spelling. You should treat your LinkedIn profile the same way that you would treat any other important document that you use in work. You should add all of the relevant skills and training your have undertaken, and you should look to list all of the services that you can provide.

If people are searching on LinkedIn, they are looking for a solution to a problem and your profile needs to indicate that you can solve that problem. When it comes to the estate agent market, be sure to list the areas you work in, the type of property you work with, and your experience in this area.

You should also be looking to inject some personality to your profile, showing people that you are a real person that can be engaged with, not just a corporate entity.

Connect With People
The whole point of LinkedIn is to connect, but as an estate agent, you don’t want to connect to everyone and anyone. This can be deemed to be “spam” behaviour and it may see your profile being placed at risk. However, if you have had a professional connection with someone, feel free to request a connection.

You should also utilise social connections you have because LinkedIn, like Facebook, provides an opportunity to reach out to a wider audience through shared material or recommendations.

Be Active
If you create a profile and sit back waiting for people to come to you, you may find that you have a very long wait. You should look to engage and connect with users, so make sure that you have content that is worth engaging and connecting with.

It is understandable that you will want to provide content that promotes your properties but showcasing information about local areas or the industry as a whole will develop your reputation as being an expert in this field.

Join Groups
You will find that there are numerous groups available on LinkedIn, all spread out within various niches and topics. You should look for localised niches or industry niches, so be sure to search for estate agents.

Engaging with other professionals can improve your networking capabilities, but it can also provide you with new ideas or fresh ways to reach out to your audience.

Be Sure To Utilise Links
LinkedIn can help to drive traffic to your website, your blog or any other site of your choosing. Be sure to provide a well-titled link, as opposed to the standard “My Website” title that LinkedIn offers, and an attractive title is sure to catch the eye.

You Can Add Applications
LinkedIn has evolved in recent times, and it has never been easier to connect to content on blogs than by using the LinkedIn apps. If you want to present your blog content on a new format, the LinkedIn apps will be an excellent way to do so.

Get Endorsements
The estate agency industry is one that heavily relies on recommendations and positive word of mouth. Be sure to make recommendations and endorsements for other users, as this will increase the likelihood that they will endorse you on LinkedIn. This will boost your profile, making you seem like the expert in your chosen field.

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Written By

Ian Watson


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