8 Reasons Why A Letting Agent Should Blog Every Week

Creating a blog on a weekly basis is of great benefit to many companies : here are 8 reasons why a letting agent should blog every week.

Fresh content draws people to your blog and site
If you want people to follow you and take an interest in what you do, it makes sense to offer them fresh and regular content. Updating your blog on a weekly basis means that you always have something new to offer each week and if people like what you provide, they will make visiting your site a weekly habit.

Blogging allows you to show off your knowledge and expertise
In a competitive industry such as the letting industry, you want to show that you are a skilled, knowledgeable and an experienced company. Your blog gives you the chance to show your knowledge and talk about important matters. This is likely to be the best chance for you to talk about your business, industry and local area, so take the opportunity to ensure people consider you to be a specialist in the field.

Blogging can inform your audience, creating a better relationship
One tangible benefit of using your blog to inform people of the local area and market is that you will eventually be dealing with more knowledgeable consumers. This can help you develop a relationship with them at a faster rate and it should ensure that people are coming to you because they know what they are looking for and know that you can offer them the support they require.

Blogging allows you to showcase the human and personal side of your nature
It is important to remember that the strongest relationships and bonds people have is with other people, not businesses. This means your business should look to showcase your personal side. Interviewing employees or allowing different team members to talk about their hobbies, interests and passions on your blog can help to make your company seem a lot more personable and human.

You should look to maintain a professional identity on your blog but equally, showing a more human and personable side will help your audience connect with you.

Blogging allows you to be seen as part of your local community
You want to be seen as a skilled option in the letting industry but you also want to be considered a reliable company in your local area. Local knowledge is essential in the lettings market so talking about local matters, history or issues emphasises that you know the local area.

Also, if you are seen to support local businesses and good causes, you’ll find that more people will be keen to back you and support your business. In the modern era, there is a lot to be said for being seen as part of your local community, especially with an increasing number of consumers actively deciding to buy and deal with local businesses.

Blogging creates content to share on social media
To make the most of social media, you need to have good content. Creating a blog post every week will provide you with fresh content that you can share with your audience in various ways over the course of a week.

Blogging allows your staff members to feel engaged
The benefits offered by blogging isn’t just about reaching out to an audience, it can help you to connect with your own employees. In order to help your employees feel connected with your business, let them have a role to play in your companies development, allowing them to take responsibility for the blog or individual posts will pay off in the short and long term.

Blogging is very affordable
Most businesses are concerned about the cost of implementing new ideas or practices but with blogging, there is very little cost involved. You can set up a blog for free and the only real cost is the time to write the blog and upload onto your website and social media channels.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK