8 Reasons Why A Letting Agent Should Be Using Social Media To Attract More Landlords

Social media is one of, if not, the biggest cultural phenomenon’s of the millennium and many businesses and industry sectors are using it to engage their audience or help them achieve specific business aims. Letting agents should be using social media to further their business, develop awareness in their brand and achieve their goals. Here are 8 reasons why a letting agent should be using social media to attract landlords.

You can explicitly ask if anyone has property they need assistance letting out
The old adage of “if you don’t ask you don’t get” is still true today and with social media, you have a platform where you can ask questions. As a letting agent, you should be on the lookout for suitable property and people expect you to look for property. Therefore, even though social media is more about engagement and conversation as opposed to blatant promotion, most users will accept the occasional tweet or post where you ask if someone has property they want to let out or whether they need assistance in letting a home.

It may be that your immediate audience don’t have property to let but after seeing your post, some followers may be reminded of friends, family members, colleagues or associates who are looking for a landlord and will then recommend you or pass on your details. The connectivity provided by social media means that simply asking for property or enquiring who needs letting agent services can provide you with more business.

You can develop a relationship in a local community or area
If you want to be seen as a reliable and reputable landlord for a particular area or within a certain community, you need to play your part. As the social aspect of social media implies, you have a chance to engage with people and businesses in the local area. Social media shouldn’t be solely about promotion, it should be about helping others, listening to people and being seen as part of your local community.

In the long term, a letting agent that is seen as a supporter of their local community will attract more landlords and clients.

You can provide relevant information about rental market in an area
You should have relevant information about the local area and the rental market and it can be of benefit to pass this information on. This doesn’t mean providing confidential information or information that may provide you with an edge over other local letting agents but simple information such as local rental yields, crime statistics and other figures relating to local life (all of which are available to the public) will position you as a local expert.

This means people will view your letting agency as the one to turn to when they have a property to let or when someone asks them to recommend an agent that can be trusted.

You can position yourself as an expert in the lettings market
In the online digital era, a position of trust is vital. It is so easy to set up social media accounts and websites, which makes it harder for potential clients to know which letting agent can be trusted and who can’t. Your letting agency needs to provide more information about your experience and expertise and social media provides you with the ideal chance to show you are an expert in the lettings market.

You can do this by following relevant authorities, regulatory bodies and recognised experts. You can then retweet or share their content to your audience, acting as a filter to ensure that your audience receives the most pertinent and relevant news. You can even add your own thoughts or views about the market or share your opinions on the local area. All of these steps will position you as an expert in the lettings market, helping you to stand apart from your rivals in the area.

Social media is highly cost effective
One very good reason for using social media is the fact that it is very cost effective. There is no cost involved with setting up accounts and the only cost for most companies is the cost of their staff members updating social media as opposed to doing other work. Even if you opt for social media advertising, you should find it is more cost effective than other advertising mediums.

Social media allows you to act now
Sites like Facebook and Twitter are great for tapping into the current mood of the nation or local area. These social media platforms are where people socialise and get together for major events. An example would be if there was a TV show focusing on the letting market, your social media platforms give you the chance to offer opinions, answer questions and engage people who have an interest in what you do.

Alternatively, it may be that you are looking to join in the fun and comments on major sporting events (companies like Iceland or the sports betting companies were able to engage their audience effectively during the 2016 European Championships by commenting and using relevant hashtags). There is an immediacy associated with social media which gives your letting agency a chance to connect with people in the here and now.

You can keep a close eye on the activities of other letting agents
With social media platforms being open platforms, you have an opportunity to follow your rivals and see what they are doing. It may be that you want to work alongside your peers, forming a stronger alliance in serving the local community. It may be that you want to see what the market leaders are doing, or you could be looking to avoid making the same mistakes as your competitors.

Hashtags and search options make it simpler to find people/property/information
Social media platforms have evolved or been set up in a way to make it easy to search for relevant information. Using hashtags or relevant search terms will allow you to find people, property and local information that can impact on your business and allow you to move forward.

Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK