9 compelling reasons why Estate Agents should be using social media

If you are still unconvinced that social media is the ideal platform for your estate agents business.

Here are 9 compelling reasons why estate agents should be using social media.

People use social media
Let’s be honest, your audience is on social media. If you are looking to reach out to people, it makes sense to reach out to where people are and in the modern day, this means social media. When you set up a social media account(s), you improve your chances of reaching out to your audience and finding more people who would use your services.

Social media posts can be seen straight away
If you have urgent news or you want to spread the word quickly, social media is the ideal platform to use. This is because you make a post and your followers can immediately see it. If you operate in a highly competitive area, speed is often of the essence and many estate agents have managed to let property or receive offers within minutes of advertising property on social media.

Your audience can tell you what they want
Your estate agent firm should always be listening to your audience and working out ways to provide people with what they are looking for. Traditional marketing activities often made it difficult for people to speak to firms but on social media, it has never been easier for everyday people to voice an opinion and contact companies.

This may not always be a good thing but if you are looking for genuine insight from your audience, social media is the platform that provides you with thoughts from your audience.

You can develop a relationship with your audience
Of course, you don’t just have to listen to your audience; you can actually have a conversation with them. Traditional marketing was all about talking at your audience but social media has ushered in a different style of marketing, one where you talk with an audience.

As an example, an estate agent may start engagement by promoting to a property and a customer may respond along the lines of that is a nice house but I need one with an additional bedroom or a similar property in a different part of town. This then gives the estate agent the chance to continue the conversation, showing more suitable houses and developing a personal relationship with a customer. The fact that this can happen in a matter of minutes is great, because it means you don’t have to invest a lot of time into the project but it will also help to develop a very positive impression in the mind of your customer.

In the digital era, it is essential to have relationships and make customers feel as though you care about what they offer. Having a social media presence and engaging with your audience is the smartest way to achieve this.

Social media drives traffic towards your site
Most businesses, including estate agents, are keen to get people on to their site. Driving traffic towards a site is essential to showcase what you do and to give people the most insight into what you offer. Of course, getting people onto the site in the first place is often the most difficult thing but providing links and good quality content on social media is often a great starting point when it comes to driving traffic to your site.

There is also the fact that relevant social media posts improve your SEO rankings, which will help you be seen by more people, and which should ensure that more people move towards your site.

Working on social media doesn’t cost a lot
Your estate agent business should always have an eye on costs, and this is why social media is such an attractive proposition. It doesn’t cost anything to set up a social media account and you can update it very quickly without spending a lot of time on it. This means the costs associated with social media marketing are low, which is great news for all companies.

There is a good return on social media investment
This low level of investment, coupled with the potential interest and engagement your account receives will help you to make a good return on social media. For many estate agent firms, it is the return on investment that is important, much in the way that value for money should be more important than low costs, and social media is a fantastic option for firms who want to maximise the return on their time and money.

Social media works well with video content and images
Most estate agents believe it is the quality of the homes that they sell which makes the biggest impact on customers, and if this is the case, social media is the platform for you. Social media is the platform that thrives on great images and video content, so it makes sense for estate agents to utilise this platform.

Make sure you take plenty of great images and video content of the properties you offer and then share it with your audience. This will get people talking and hopefully sharing, which should draw a lot more attention to your properties and business.

You can be really local or niche-focused with social media
A very strong reason to be active on social media is that you can be very niche focused. Whether you operate in a local area, only deal with certain types of property or you are looking for certain clients and customers, social media makes it very easy to reach an audience. Even if your business has a number of different branches or strands, you can keep all of these aspects separate under your main business, which means you can segment your audience and reach out to them in the most appropriate manner.

If you are an estate agent and you aren’t yet on social media, hopefully these reasons will provide you with a compelling argument to join up.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK