A Guide to Instagram Adverts for Estate and Letting Agents

As an estate agent, you know great images attract attention to property listings. In the present day, it is incomprehensible to attempt to sell a home without offering the best standard of photographs. Images attract attention and create interest. Therefore, as an estate agent, you need to be on social media because pictures are critical at driving connectivity and engagement on these platforms.

Instagram is a hugely attractive platform for estate and letting agents. As said, images are essential in promoting a property, and Instagram is all about images. Therefore, you should be on this platform, showcasing your services and displaying the properties you sell or let.

Instagram adverts allow you to reach the right people
While Instagram posts are the backbone of your activities on this platform, for the best standard of success, you should use Instagram adverts. Adverts allow you to showcase your best content while targeting the people you believe to be the most appropriate audience.

If you like the sound of harnessing the power of these ads, here is our guide to Instagram adverts for estate and letting agents.

Define what you want to achieve
One of the most critical parts of any advertising campaign is defining what your goals are. You may think ultimately you want instructions to sell homes, or to find tenants to let your properties, but there are steps along the way to achieving these goals.

• Are you a new company or an established firm venturing into a new area? If you are, you want to increase awareness of your agency
• Are you looking for first-time buyers needing advice on purchasing a property? If you are, you want to display your expertise in this area
• Do you want to find tenants who are happy to sign a long-term lease? If you do, you have a specific target market in mind, and your activities need to be narrowed down to reach this market

No matter what your goals are, you can set ad objectives which keep you on track. Instagram is intuitive, and there is plenty of help when you use the platform. The platform asks what you want to achieve, and Instagram provides recommendations.

When you are starting, following their guidance on what ad you should choose makes sense, but feel free to try the different options.
You have plenty of ad formats to choose from, and for many, a carousel ad is a great starting point for estate agents and letting agents. With this ad, you can use several images, providing a chance for people to scroll through what you offer.

If you feel more adventurous, video clips of the property you offer or your local area connect well with people, so why not grab attention with this ad format. Estate and letting agents should use video more often, and Instagram ads provide you with a great platform to share video content.

Make sure you are local
Once you have decided what type of Instagram ad you are going to use, you get to set your target audience. You have a lot of options here but focus on location targeting. If you operate in a local area, location targeting is the most critical feature for your ads.

Instagram is highly effective when it comes to location targeting. You can enter a postcode and radius, and this ensures your ads only appear to people in this area. If you only want to reach people within 30 minutes of Hitchin, or you want your ads in front of people located within an hour of central Manchester, you can do so.

This option provides you with flexibility. It is natural you’ll probably centre your reach as your office address or the town centre, but is this where your audience stays? If you are an estate agent who helps people from other regions buy property in your town or city, you need to think about how to reach your audience best.

Targeting the towns or cities you operate in is never a bad idea, but if prospective buyers or tenants come from other towns or cities, don’t overlook them in your ads.

Target your audience
After you have focused on location targeting, think about the people you want to reach. You may think you want to reach everyone, but do you? Is attempting to target everyone a proper use of your time and money?

We know that the average age of first-time buyers is rising, so do you want to focus on the younger Instagram audience? In many areas, targeting people in their late twenties upwards will help you reach people who are seriously looking to buy their first home. However, if you let student apartments, you should focus on people aged between 18 and 24 (while perhaps having a separate focus on their parents and guardians).

Similarly, income levels and interests are factors to consider when targeting options. If you sell or let luxury apartments, you need to focus on people with a specific level of income. You should have an ideal buyer or tenant in mind for property, and these are the same people you need to reach with Instagram advertising.

Of course, if you continue to narrow down your audience, you may find your ads don’t reach enough people to have any impact. Fine-tuning your targeting is often a matter of trial and effort, but if you start with your core matters and then adjust your criteria, you should be able to reach your audience.

Don’t forget hashtags
Hashtags may seem a bit outdated on social media, but they remain essential on Instagram. Hashtags are fantastic for organising and categorising content, and many leading ad campaigns thrive on appropriate hashtags.

Ways you can find the best hashtags for your ads include:

• Review your analytics and see if there are hashtags used by your audience when they search
• Use hashtags on standard posts and see if any perform well
• Look at rival firms and see if any hashtags perform well for them

There are many opinions about how many hashtags are appropriate, but there is enough evidence to suggest you should add at least 10.

Are you promoting or selling a lifestyle? Your ad should too
If you want to each a particular type of buyer or tenant, or you are promoting a specific lifestyle, this needs to be prominent in your ad. The images or video clips you share need to appeal to your intended audience, as does your content.

If you use images of stylish, high-end property, but if your written copy features slang or informal language, you send out mixed signals.

Share reviews and testimonials
Reviews and testimonials are essential on social media, so include them in your ads. If someone sees your ad and has a genuine interest in what you offer, their next step is likely to check you out further, and read reviews about you. Therefore, provide positive reviews and testimonials and get people on your side as early as possible.

Don’t linger
Even though there is a lot you want to share in an Instagram ad, you shouldn’t overload your audience. Get to the point and be direct. If you’re increasing awareness about yourself, make sure people know who you are and where they can find you. If you are promoting a property, provide as much information about the property as you can.

There is nothing wrong with losing people at this stage if you lose the right people. By providing as much information as you can, you will hopefully encourage genuine parties to click through and see what you have to offer, which is a more productive use of your time.

Set a budget and schedule
Your budget is crucial, so make sure you set a budget that you are comfortable with. You can set a daily total or a project total, so calculate what you are happy with paying, and then set this up.

If you follow these steps, you’ll be creating successful Instagram ads in no time. Instagram is a fantastic platform for estate agents and letting agents, but you need to use the platform correctly. If you’re an estate agent or letting agent looking to harness the power and potential of Instagram ads, contact Agent Media, and we’ll be happy to help you.

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