Address Vendor Pain Points With Blogs

No matter what business you are in, if you can satisfy or resolve the problems your customers and clients have, you will enhance your chances of success. As an estate agent, you play a key role in helping people move home, which often makes their dream come true.

This means many estate agents focus on the positive side of their work, and how they are the ideal choice to make sure people enjoy life. However, a lot of your clients have big problems that they need an estate agent to resolve, and given many people’s personality focuses on minimising problems, an estate agent who addresses vendor pain points will have a good chance of success.

Of course, it is one thing doing this with clients who already know, but how you can show new and prospective clients that you are ideally placed to resolve their problems? With blog content.

By crafting blog content that highlights the problems people have, you enhance your chances of connecting with someone, because they will recognise these problems. If you then walk through how you would resolve this matter, the reader will see the impact you can have on their life, and will be far more likely to hire you.

Therefore, if you are an estate agent looking to reach out to new clients, knowing how to address vendor pain points with blogs is a fantastic way to gain new clients.

Examples of pain points home sellers have

A study carried out in 2018 by HomeOwners Alliance,, and YouGov found that 20% of all vendors had experienced a property deal collapsing. The study looked at the key reasons cited for these failures, and they are good examples of pain points home sellers have.

Some of the most commonly cited reasons were:

  • The buyer decided not to buy the home or they found another home – said by 39% of respondents
  • The buyer’s finances were not in place – cited by 28% of respondents
  • A sale further up the chain collapsed – said by 20% of respondents
  • Gazundering was said by 8% of respondents
  • The estate agent being unable to find a buyer was said by 6% of people
  • The buyer pulled out after a survey was cited by 6% of respondents
  • Issues arising during the conveyancing process was claimed by 6% of respondents

If you take each of these issues as an individual blog topic, and explain what happens, and provide insight into what you would do to prevent this problem from happening, you will position yourself as an estate agent people can trust.

Personal experience is crucial in connecting with people

One of the most important things you can do with blog content is add personal content. As an estate agent, you know the industry well, and you have helped a great number of clients over the years. You will likely have made some mistakes, and it is a certainty that problems have arisen. However, if you have dealt with these problems successfully, or if the experience has helped you better understand what needs to be done to resolve these problems, you have an immediate way to connect with prospective clients.

Do you have testimonials from a client who you helped in this manner?

Another way you can show you resolved an issue of this nature is to have a review or testimonial from a client who had this issue which you sorted for them.

In the modern era, digital and social proof is essential, so if you can direct people towards a review which shows a customer thanking you for resolving the matter, other clients will instantly feel more confident about the services you offer.

The good thing about linking between your blog page and your testimonial or review section is that it encourages people to move around your site, and it directs people to seeing more reviews of the work you have carried out.

These are both positive steps in positioning yourself as an estate agent that people trust and will be happy to call upon.

Contact Agent Media to deliver blog content that connects with your audience

At Agent Media, we understand the power and potential of blogs in connecting with an audience. If you want to be the agent that people find when searching for a professional, and to be the agent people believe can solve their problems, you need to provide them with examples of why you are the number one agent in your local area.

Highlighting the most common or challenging problems people face when selling their home, and then detailing the ways you prevent this from happening or resolve the problem after it has arisen is a fantastic way to drive new instructions.

Good blog content is essential for SEO, for social media, for driving traffic to your site, and for developing a reputation which helps you be the agent people hire and recommend. If you want blog content that ensures you achieve all these things and a whole lot more, contact Agent Media today, and we will be more than happy to help you create a blogging plan for success.