The advantages of social media to Estate Agents

While most people are aware of social media, and even its use as a business tool it is vital that you know why you are using social media, as opposed to just using it because everyone else is using it. There are many key reasons why estate agents should have social media accounts, and in the present day, if you are not on social media, it is likely that some potential clients will have concerns over what you offer.

Here are the advantages of social media to estate agents.

Your audience is already using social media
A very strong reason to have a social media presence is down to the fact that your audience is already there. The statistics of social media users and engagement levels are updating all the time but this is an area where anecdotal evidence tells you that people use social media. All you have to do is look around the office or on any public transport system and you’ll have plenty of evidence that people use social media a lot.

If you want to reach out to your audience, it makes sense to be where your audience is, and in the present day, your audience is on social media.

Social media is immediate
A very important advantage that social media offers is that it is immediate. If you have a great property to let or sell that you know will have a lot of interest in it, you want to share it as quickly as possible. With social media, you can send a tweet or a message and people will see it straight away. Compare this to the traditional method of listing the property in a property newspaper or having to place a listing in a window, and you’ll see that social media is ideal if you want to share news quickly.

You can hear what your audience wants from you on social media
A key advantage that you can gain from social media, and the clue lies in the “social” part of the name is that you can hear from people. Most firms should be looking to hear what their audience wants, but it can be difficult to achieve this in traditional manners. With social media, it is very easy to hear what people have to say about you, your business and the local community.

If you genuinely want to hear what your audience wants, get on social media and start listening.

It is possible to have conversations and develop a relationship on social media
Of course, the real benefit of social media comes not only with listening but by actually engaging and having conversations with your audience. People will be delighted to feel as though a company is listening to them but if you actually engage them and talk about what they want to talk about, you will start to develop a relationship with people.

If you are in a position where you provide people with a platform to discuss things and get involved in the conversation, you will develop a reputation and brand that means people appreciate you and think that you are a reliable company.

In the long term, the benefits that come from talking with, rather than at, people on social media will be huge.

Social media drives traffic towards your site

Any Agent looking for tangible reasons to use social media will find that it drives traffic to their site. All companies are looking to get more people on site, and when social media is used well, it encourages people to click links and see what you have to offer. Your social media content and engagement should be about driving people towards your site and you’ll also find that good social media activity improves your SEO, so that will also help people move towards your site.

You can develop your brand on social media
No matter what sort of image or identity you want to develop for your company, you will find that your brand is very important. Your brand is what people instantly think of when your name is mentioned or when your company crops up in conversation.

There is a lot you can do to position your brand in the right manner and how you engage and interact on social media will have a big role to play in how people perceive your company. No matter what image you want to have, be it fun, dependable, reliable, serious or experienced, your content and the way you engage your audience on social media will ensure that your brand tells the message you want it to.

Working on social media doesn’t cost a lot
For many firms, the key advantage of social media is that it doesn’t cost a lot. You can set up a social media account or accounts at no cost at all, and the only cost you really have is the opportunity cost of the employee working on it. You don’t need to spend a lot of time or money on social media but doing so provides your business with a strong presence online, so it is well worth focusing on.

There is a good return on social media investment
When you don’t spend a lot of money but you get returns with respect to increased traffic, improved customer engagement and people think highly of your customer service, it is fair to say that you receive a good return on your social media investment. All companies should be looking for good returns on their time and money, and social media provides this.

Social media works well with video content and images

The estate agent sector is one where good quality images and video content works really well. The social media market is also a sector where good quality images and video content works well. This means that an estate agent operating on social media have a chance to get their message across well and engage their audience with images and video content of the properties they have to offer.

Social media moves quickly and various studies indicate that images and video content grab attention. Your Agency should have access to a wide range of images and video content that people want to see, and social media is the ideal platform to share this content.

You can be really local or niche-focused with social media
Estate agents don’t always focus on just one area of business. It may be that you have branches in different towns, that you offer different services for different clients or that you operate in different areas of the industry, such as letting, sales, property management.

With social media, you can keep all of the different areas separate while still operating under the umbrella of your main company. It doesn’t cost any money to create additional social media accounts, and this allows you to be fully focused on one aspect of your business at all times. It may be that you have clients who are landlords who have no interest in sales, they only want to see letting opportunities and property management services.

Conversely, it may be that you have customers who want to buy a home and who have no interest in letting options. By setting up individual social media accounts for every aspect of your business, you can provide your segmented audience with the information they really want to see.

Of course, every so often it makes sense to link between your accounts. There will be some clients who have an interest in the various activities you do, and it will reinforce the fact that you are a company that has many skills and a wide range of experience to offer.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK