Agent Media: Complete social media, content and Facebook advertising service

As an estate agent, you understand the benefits of providing a comprehensive service to your clients. It is likely that you offer a range of individual tasks or smaller roles to your clients, but the real benefit comes with all these activities being combined.

After all, you may offer individual services such as:

• Valuing a home and recommending a price for the property
• Offering insight into the most likely buyer and advising on how to present the property
• Promoting the property

Individually, these tasks matter but it is only when they are brought together as part of your overall package that helps to sell homes.

Agent Media helps you to achieve better results
At Agent Media, we also know the importance of collective tasks working together to create better results. When it comes to promoting your estate agents’ business and the properties you offer, you know that there are many important tasks such as:
• Social media posting
• Content writing and blog posting
• Uploading content to your site with images
• Social media advertising

If you do one of these activities, you may be able to benefit but when you use these activities together, you receive a lot more benefits. As an example, when you create a blog post, posting and sharing it on social media helps you reach more people, so you can drive more traffic to your site. Similarly, when you advertise on social media, it is best to do so around blog content that positions you as an expert or a company that can be trusted.

Writing blog posts is an excellent way for estate agents to improve their business, but the impact that a blog has is strengthened by carrying out the other tasks.

Maximise the impact your work has with a social media strategy
At Agent Media, we know this, and we are delighted to offer a social media service that contains:
• Social media posts
• Content writing that includes four articles of 500 words, and which are uploaded to your website with an image
• 4 Facebook ad campaigns per month

This comprehensive package is provided for £349 + VAT. Combining these different promotional strands together enhances the impact, helping you to reach out to your audience in an effective manner. With respect to Facebook ad campaigns, studies indicate that advertising to people who are unaware of you or don’t have an existing relationship with brings about poor results.

We have developed a social media strategy that directs people to your blog posts, allowing them to develop a relationship with you. By the time people know what you have to offer and start to trust you, this is the time to take your relationship to the next level and at Agent Media, we are here to assist you through the process.

Too many companies try to make sales instantly, and while this works in some industries, if you are trying to sell or let a home, you know there is a need to develop a relationship. At Agent Media, we provide services that help you utilise the power of social media for your business.

If you would like to learn more about our social media services, contact Agent Media and we will be happy to help.

Written by
Ian Watson
Agent Media