Agent Media Group Launches In US

Agent Media is pleased to announce their entry into the United States, launching a new website and rolling out services to realtors across the country. The company, which was established by Ian Watson in 2011, is a recognised leader in the social media marketing field, particularly in the realtor, estate agency and letting sectors in the UK and Europe.

Watson, the company founder who has a combined 22 years’ worth of experience in the property and social media sector, believes this is the right time for the firm to venture into the US market. With a team of experienced social media and property experts employed at the company and a wealth of positive testimonials from current and previous clients, Agent Media aims to provide a fresh outlook and opportunity in the US market.

The need for social media and targeted content has never been more critical. The US realtor market is a massive one, but there is little competition in the current space. There is an opportunity for a social media provider who offers value and ROI for clients, and this is the service and outcome Agent Media aims to provide to US realtors and agencies.

One of the critical factors in the company’s success in their local market is the combination of social media, content marketing and social advertising services. Each approach by itself can deliver results, but when all elements combine in a cohesive and targeted strategy, the results speak for themselves.

Services on offer to US professionals will replicate what is available to UK and European agents. Therefore, US realtors can benefit from original content, relevant to their audience, social media engagement and growth, and targeted Facebook ad campaigns.

The firm intends to assist realtors and agents enhance and increase brand awareness, generate increased website traffic, improve enquiry levels, win instructions; and offer a pain-free service that delivers leads to realtors and agencies.

To find out more about Agent Media’s operations in the United States, or to arrange a consultation, please visit the company’s new US site at

About Agent Media:
Agent Media have supported estate agents in the UK and Europe since 2011 with a broad range of social media and content marketing services. The nature of the property market has changed considerably in the past decade, with many agencies experiencing highs and lows, but the need for agents to deliver content that engages their audience and drives traffic has always been present.

With a skilled team and the experience of Ian Watson at the helm, the company aims to deliver the same high standards of service, support and success enjoyed by UK estate agents to US realtors and agencies.