Always Reinforce The Benefits To Your Customer

As an estate agent, you offer a great range of services and features to your customers. However, what your client is really interested in is the benefits of these services.

If you can promote these services and features, while reinforcing the outcome and benefits to your prospective customer, you will find they take a much greater level of interest in you.

An estate agent has readymade lists that speed up the process

If someone is looking to buy a home, they will have a list of criteria they need to meet. They will have a budget, they will look for a certain number of bedrooms, they’ll have facilities and amenities they need nearby, and a whole host of other factors

Thanks to property portals, it is less arduous to search for a relevant home, but it can still take a lot of time.

An estate agent can step in and help people find the most suitable home in much less time.

A good estate agent stays up to date with the market, and they know what is on offer in the local area. A savvy agent will sit with a client, and can quickly highlight homes that will be right for them.

The reason people call on agents is because they have local knowledge, but the real benefit to the customer is in saving time in the search process, and in feeling confident that they are covering the market in greater details.

This is a huge benefit to people, and smart estate agents will let clients know that calling on them saves time, and makes the search process less fraught.

An estate agent knows the local market well

We’ve already touched on local estate agents knowing the market well and how this can save time for someone searching for homes.

However, there are many benefits that come with this knowledge.

For a vendor, going to market with an honest and fair price is crucial in connecting with buyers. It is one thing knowing what the average price of property is, but it is another matter entirely to know how this average price relates to the house that is being sold.

A skilled and experienced local estate agent will be able to place a genuine valuation on a property for sale, and this provides confidence to the vendor. It also enhances the chances of selling the home, as buyers will be more likely to make an offer.

This means an estate agent should promote the fact they know the local market well, but the real benefit of this to clients comes with increased chances to connect which will hopefully speed up the buying and selling process significantly.

An agent has a great range of professional contacts

One of the things you see many agents discuss is that they have a wide range of professional contacts, with some even saying they have a network of professionals in place. This means if you need to find the best builders, joiners, surveyors, legal professionals or any expert to help you with a property move, the estate agent should be able to advise or recommend someone.

However, the real benefit to the client comes with peace of mind and comfort in knowing that work is being carried out by a trusted professional.

Finding and hiring a professional is often a daunting prospect, so if an estate agent can remove a major concern for clients, they will be well-regarded by the client.

Also, in recommending trusted professionals, any work which needs to be carried out will hopefully be carried out quickly, and at a fair price. This can speed up the sales or buying process without compromising on quality, which is of great benefit to the client.

Agents know the potential problems in the property market

A very strong reason for calling on the services of an estate agent is because they know the most common problems in the property market. They can also spot problems in a home.

This information is vital, because it helps the client to make more informed decisions, and to be more confident in whatever decision they make.

There is always an element of risk associated with a property move, but by working with the best professionals, there is an opportunity to minimise the exposure to risk. Therefore, the benefit to the client is again peace of mind and perhaps even saving money or stopping short from making a disastrous decision.

Agents negotiate on behalf of their clients

A crucial stage of property deals is negotiating on price, and it is always best to call on the service of experts. Good estate agents do this regularly, making them ideal professionals to do this on your behalf. An agent who is briefed on their clients needs, and who know the home and market well are perfectly placed to get the best possible deal on offer.

So, while negotiating on behalf of clients is a tremendous service offered by agents, the benefit comes in the price and outcome that a skilled professional can deliver.

Agents know how to stage property

If you are selling your home, the importance of staging the property cannot be overlooked. A good agent will ensure the home looks fantastic, and meets the needs and expectations of likely buyers.

The outcome of a staged property is a faster sale and perhaps even at a greater price. This is a massive benefit for any homeowner looking to sell, and a strong reason to call on an estate agent for help.

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