Are You A Reactive Or Proactive Agent? You Need To Plan Blog Content

A proactive estate agent plans ahead for problems and is ready to respond instantly or has prevented problems from arising. A reactive estate agent is one who deals with problems when they arise, focusing on them fully.

While it is easy to see why many people say being proactive is better than reactive, there are plus and negative points to both approaches. Yes, with a proactive approach you can minimise problems or stop them from occurring, which is great, but sometimes, proactive agents waste time on issues that never come up.

Also, a reactive agent might find they deal with more problems, but in doing so, they can focus solely on a key issue, and will often be able to deal with these matters quickly and effectively.

You quite often find that the type of estate agent you depend on your personality. No matter how many books you read or talks you hear from experts about which approach is best, if you have a natural way of working, you will gravitate towards it.

Similarly, even if you have a client who would prefer you to work one way, if your natural inclination is to go the other way, there is a strong chance you will revert to type.

Be the agent that is the best fit for you

Therefore, it is important for you to work in a way that you feel most comfortable with, and which allows you to do the best work. If you are a proactive person, you will struggle to deal with matters in a reactive way. If you are a reactive person, you might find it impossible to deal with issues on a proactive basis.

This means you need to consider what type of agent you are, and when you do, you need to embrace it.

There will be clients who love working with a proactive estate agent, and there will be other clients who prefer to work with a reactive estate agent.

Ideally, you might say you want each and every client it is possible to work with in your area, but this isn’t possible. It is far better to focus on your core strengths as an agent, and to connect with clients who are far more likely to appreciate your services and skills.

You should highlight your working practices, and a brilliant way of doing this is to create blog content that details the sort of estate agent you are.

Show the professional estate agent services you offer

People selling their home want an estate agent who achieve that result, but there are many ways to achieve this outcome. As an estate agent, you want to show your skills, your working practices, and how you achieve results.

Some of the best ways to do so include:

  1. Talking about previous challenges and how you overcame them to achieve a good outcome
  2. Talk about relevant news stories, both locally and nationally, and discuss how you would respond to them
  3. Discuss your local area and explain what is good or challenging about the market, and certain areas

You can do this in many ways.

Some agents are jumping on the live experience on social media, some agents love podcasts and audit content, YouTube is popular for agents to talk about themselves and their work, and of course, you can blog.

The great thing about blog content is that it can be used as the basis for all these other mediums. Having a good blog piece is often the platform for reaching out to people.

The most important thing is to have a piece of content which expresses who you are, and why people should call on your services. Once you have this initial piece, you can then share and distribute it in many ways.

Great blog content can be used to create:

  • Social media posts
  • Infographics
  • Video content
  • GIFs
  • Email newsletter content
  • Podcasts or audio clips
  • Brochure content

So, you see, when you have blog content that shows who you are, and how you prefer to work, you have content that can be shared in many ways. This allows you to reach people in the way they like to connect, significantly enhancing your chances of linking with others.

If you are a proactive estate agent, you might want to have content mapped out for weeks or months in advance. A lot of people like this approach as it ensures they maintain a regular schedule.

If you are a reactive agent, you might be a bit more haphazard when you release content depending on time constraints, but it allows you more opportunities to be spontaneous or react to breaking stories.

Both of these approaches are fine, as stated above, it is best to do what is best for you. However, by developing a blog plan of when you roughly create content, what you want to achieve with the content, and how you will distribute the content; you enhance your chances of connecting with your audience in a tangible way.

Contact Agent Media to develop blogs that fit with you

At Agent Media, we understand each agent is unique, and it would be wrong to suggest that the same approach will work for all agents. It won’t. However, it should be possible to develop a blog content approach that works for each individual agent or firm.

The trick is getting to know the estate agent, and their audience. Armed with this information, it is possible to develop a plan that ensures new blog content is developed that creates a relationship between the agent and the reader.

Whether you are a proactive or reactive agent, or indeed, whatever type of agent you are, it is possible to develop content that places you in front of the people you want to reach, in an appropriate manner. If you want blog content that ensures you achieve all these things and a whole lot more, contact Agent Media today, and we will be more than happy to help you create a blogging plan for success.