Are You Selling Homes With More Video Content? Do Your Blog Readers Know?

We all know the way estate agents sell homes and connect with clients has changed a lot in the last couple of years. The pandemic, and various lockdowns, have forced estate agents to be creative, making sure they present homes in an effective manner while making sure they provide as much information to likely buyers.

It is fair to say video content has taken off in these times, and as we move forward, video is going to remain an integral part of the property market.

As an estate agent, you need to use video content. It should be at the heart of your property listings and promotions, but it should also be used in every aspect of your marketing activities.

You should use live video content on social media, and you should utilise video content to allow clients to get to know you, and your team members. You should use video content to showcase the local area, and all the things which make people fall in love with living in the part of the country you operate in.

You can even use video content to quickly share your thoughts on breaking property market news.

So, video content is a brilliant way for estate agents to connect with their audience, promote their business, develop a reputation, build relationships and sell homes.

One of the best reasons to use video content is that it often drives traffic all by itself. If you place video content on your social media page, it grabs attention, and is likely to get people watching and then clicking through to your site.

Also, if you place video content on YouTube, it can attract new viewers who are searching for content, which means you can increase your audience by using video content.

However, you cannot rely solely on the power of video to make sure you connect with people. You also need to be proactive in promoting this video content, and this is why you need to use and discuss video content on your blog.

Do you have a blog?

Firstly, do you have a blog as an estate agent? If you don’t, there is another conversation we need to have, because a blog is an essential component of being an estate agent.

However, we will assume you have a blog, and that you use it to share your thoughts on the property market, the local area, and to connect with your audience.

If you already have people who read your blog, you have people who are interested in what you do, and it is vital you tell these people that you have regular video content.

Some of these people might prefer to watch rather than read, so by informing them of your blog content, you might move them to a platform that is better for them. This means they will connect with you more regularly, and will hopefully be more enthused by what you offer.

It might be that the reader loves the blog, but they know other people who would prefer to watch rather than read. By informing your audience of video content, they might inform others about what you are doing, and this will increase your audience.

Also, don’t overlook the importance of people being nosey. If you offered most people the chance to take a look inside someone else’s home, from the comfort of their own home while looking at their phone, the vast majority of people would take it.

This then helps you significantly increase viewing numbers of your video. This is great for the algorithms, which will hopefully help more people to see your content, but it also enhances your chances of the right people seeing it.

When people look at property to see how other people live, the vast majority won’t make an offer or even connect with you about the property. However, when you have a lot more people looking at the video, there is a better chance of connecting with someone who has a genuine interest.

It is not always advisable to play a numbers game. If you were paying for advertisements, it would be far better to reach out to a smaller number of people with a genuine interest, as this will enhance your chances of connecting with interested parties.

However, when it comes to video content you have already created, and you aren’t paying to upload content on YouTube (or even a property portal), it makes sense to reach out to as many people as you can.

Video content helps blogs rank better

There is also a very good reason to share video content on your blog post.

One of the factors (amongst many elements) that influence a page’s ranking on Google is how long a person stays on the site.

If someone clicks on to a site and very quickly clicks back off, it sends a signal to Google (or whatever search engine) that this page doesn’t meet the needs of the person who landed on the page.

Therefore, you want to increase the time people stay on each page, and if you offer video content, it is a brilliant way to keep people on your site. The more people you have on site staying for longer, the more positive a signal it sends out to search engines, which can only be positive for your ranking.

Contact Agent Media to see how blog content meshes with your other marketing activities

At Agent Media, we understand the power and potential of blogs as part of your overall marketing activity. Agents should utilise many forms of attack when it comes to connecting with prospective clients.

Blogs are useful, as is video content, and it makes sense to combine the two as and when you can, enhancing the return from both.

If you want blog content that ensures you achieve all these things and a whole lot more, contact Agent Media today, and we will be more than happy to help you create a blogging plan for success.