Are Your Social Media Channels and Blog Connected?

There is no doubt that using social media and offering blog content is a sensible way to drive traffic to your estate agency and to increase awareness of what you do. It is essential that estate agents have a strong online presence, but you must ensure that people recognise you, wherever you post. Therefore, it is vital that your social media accounts and your blog content are connected.

You should have a brand that stands over everything you do. No matter what you do, people should be able to look at the content or the account and know that you are behind it. Logos, corporate colours, the tone of voice and even the style of content you post are all vital in developing a recognisable brand that ensures people know you and know what you have to offer.

You need to go further than just branding though, you need to ensure that everything you do is connected. It may be easy to assume that you only funnel traffic from social media to your blog or your website, but this isn’t the case.

Not everyone needs your services right now
Not everyone is looking to explore your website in great detail, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested in what you offer. Estate agents should look to appeal to people who need their services right now, but there is also a need to connect with people in the hope of being the agent they use or recommend in the future.

Your social media activity allows you to showcase what you do, where you are located and why you are different from other firms. You don’t always need a blog post or a webpage to detail these factors, but they are useful to have. At times, you should have social media content that doesn’t lead anywhere, it should serve its own purpose.

You must be sociable on social media
Too many companies from all sectors, not just estate agents, overlook the importance of being social on social media. If everything you do direct links through to blog content or promotional material, people will become bored and will stop following you. It may be that some people will just decide to log on to your blog directly to stay in touch, after all, if there is no fresh content on your social media account, what is the point in following them. There is also the fact that some people will become bored with continual promotional content and will decide against following you.

Therefore, your social media account has to be about so much more than driving traffic. You may have people who enjoy your social media activity but who have no interest (at least yet) of visiting your website or blog account.

You don’t know what stage every user or follower is at, so you need to give them the chance of following up interest or finding out more at their own pace. The best way to do is to ensure that your social media accounts, your website and your blog are all connected. There should be clear links allowing people to move freely between these platforms at their own will.

If you try to force or direct people, you will lose some people. However, if you have everything connected in a noticeable manner, you should find that people can take what they want from you and if they later decide to follow up interest, they can do so easily.

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