Automated Content Isn’t Right For Your Estate Agency

Technology has a massive role to play in helping companies make the most of their time these days, and every estate agent will tell you that they need more time. Technological products and software may not give you more time, but they can help you use the time you have more effectively. When you know that you need content on your site but you don’t have time to create it or you have concerns about the cost of hiring a writer, the emergence of software which provides automated content will sound appealing.

There are many software options which promise to provide you with fresh and original content which will drive traffic to your site. In the trailer videos, these products look deceptively easy to use. All you need to do is select your keyword or topic of discussion and then the software will find articles, rewrite them to pass originality tests and then upload them to your site.

If these software products worked as claimed, they could be an interesting addition to your business, but you’ll find that there are many reasons why automated content isn’t right for your estate agency business.

Automated content doesn’t consider your individual spirit and personality
You need to remember that there are aspects of your business which stand you apart from every other estate agent in the local area. Your experience, your skills, your friendliness, your personality and your nature are all aspects that persuade clients to use your service as opposed to other agents.

When you use automated content, you lose all the spark and presence that people associate with you. Therefore, if you want to remind people why they like you or remember you in the first place, use original content that reinforces your personality.

If everyone uses automated content, who benefits?
There is an argument that if all your rivals use automated content and you don’t, you could fall behind them. Okay, but if you then use this software and every company is using the automated software to provide content, every website will look and feel the same.

You don’t want to be left behind but equally, you don’t want to be lumped in with every other estate agent either. It is vital that you take steps to differentiate yourself from your peers, so create original content and make sure your audience realises that they receive something different from your agency.

Do your guests wants to read automated content?
The automated content originates from somewhere. There is an argument that if your audience wanted to read that content, they would read the original piece rather than your automated and slightly amended piece.
If people land on your site, they want your opinion and they want information that has been tailored to their requirements.

Is automated content relevant to your company, site or audience?
Can you be sure that all the content collated and then used by these software options is relevant to your audience? If your audience wants local property market news, general market stories or articles from around the world isn’t going to be of benefit or interest to them.

Automated content software rarely works as well as it claims
You should also not overlook the fact that at this point in time, automated software can’t be trusted or relied upon. You may feel as though you are saving time but if you must spend time reading and rewriting content to make it suitable for your site, are you saving any time at all?

At Agent Media, we know that you are pushed for time and you may be unsure of what content to deliver. Therefore, we take the time to get to know you, we find out what your audience is looking for, and we deliver content that will impress your audience and promote your brand.

If you want to engage your audience with the most relevant content, contact Agent Media and we will be happy to help, get in touch here.