Avoid Fake News – Be Honest On Social Media

The term “fake news” is now commonplace and given the nature of the internet and social media, it is often difficult to know what or who to believe. When you look at some estate agents making outlandish claims, and developing a following on the back of these claims, it is easy to see why many agents would be tempted to indulge in fake news on social media. However, this is a short-term approach and at Agent Media, we recommend that you avoid fake news on social media.

Can you live up to every claim?
Estate agents operate in a challenging and highly competitive marketplace. Every agent is looking for new clients and to conclude deals. There will be some agents who have targets to meet and it is only natural that agents will make claims that make themselves seem more appealing than their peers or rivals.

This isn’t done out of maliciousness or a desire to hoodwink customers, it is often a natural reaction to a competitive environment. However, it would seem as though there is a backlash growing against estate agents that act in this manner. A former president of the National Association of Estate Agents, NAEA, has blasted irresponsible agents, partly blaming them for increasing property prices.
It is easy to see why some estate agents would say to prospective clients that they can help them sell their home for a higher price, but with an increasing number of homes selling for less than their asking price (going by NAEA’s figures for 2017), this is irresponsible.

In the longer-term, taking an honest approach to valuations and pricing will benefit an agent.

When you are dishonest, it is likely someone will always find out
This is something that many people know full well about from their personal life. If you tell lies or make boasts that aren’t true, there is a very strong chance that the truth will be announced by someone. This can seriously harm your reputation and brand, perhaps even leaving you in a poorer state than when you started.

It is inevitable that there will be some people who don’t want you to succeed and if there is a chance to “take you down a peg or two”, they will. If you have exaggerated certain claims, these are the claims that people will pick apart and use against you.

There is also the fact that many people are now wary about taking every claim at face value, especially on the internet. Many users will undertake their own level of research and study of claims made online and if your claims are false, you’ll find that these people will question you on these claims. These people may not have any personal or commercial reason to oppose you, but if they find that you are being dishonest, they will share this information with others.

Be unique and original
You will also find that originality is of value when posting on social media. Rather than worrying about making the biggest impression, focus more on offering a genuine insight into what you do and offer. By offering content based on what you have done and what you do, you’ll find it easier to post, discuss and answer questions on. All estate agents should be looking to engage their audience and when you post genuine content, you are in a much stronger position when people question you on matters.

You don’t have to post fake news on social media to be noticed. Contact Agent Media and we will help you develop you audience while enhancing your brand.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK