Become a Key Influencer Online In Your Local Area To Help You Win More Property Listings

With so much noise and activity on social media platforms, people look to key influencers for guidance and advice. While in some sectors, it is celebrities who are regarded as the key influencers who shape buyer decisions, in many industries, it is experts in the field who people look up to. It would be fair to say that in a local property market, companies with experience and expertise can stand apart from their peers, making them the source that people trust.

Therefore, as an estate agent, you should look to become a key influencer online in your local area to help you win more property listings. Of course, this sounds simple when said out loud but if you are unsure of where to start when it comes to becoming a key influencer, we have provided you with some tips below.

Create and share local content that is of interest to residents and businesses
A key influencer creates and shares content that is of interest to people and companies in a local area. This shows that you are active in the area, you pay attention to what is taking place and that you are keen to keep people fully informed of matters of local interest.

Support and promote other businesses
One of the most important ways to become an influencer is to support and promote other businesses in your area. If you only promote your own firm, people will become bored and will eventually tune out what you say on social media. However, if you showcase your knowledge of the local area and companies that you have used and trust, you will be regarded as a reliable source for matters in the local community.

Support and promote worthwhile causes in the area

Of course, you shouldn’t just promote local businesses. A key influencer is aware of worthwhile causes in the local area that make a difference to those who are perhaps less fortunate.

Take the time to know what is happening in your area, give some of our time to support the causes and tell others about what needs to be done to make a difference. Combining the real world with the online world is a fantastic way to develop a formidable reputation in your local area very quickly. If you are seen as someone who helps others and cares about the community, people will take greater notice of what you say.

Simple RTS, shares and likes make a difference
You may think that it will take a lot of work to become regarded as a key influencer, but you can start slowly. The simple act of sharing content, RTing posts and spreading awareness of important matters in your area or industry will make an impact.

The people who originally posted the content will notice that you have an interest in the area and over time, may start to include you in conversations. Equally, people who follow the original source will see that you engage with them, and this will improve what they think of you. Also, the people who find content through you sharing it will appreciate your efforts and will regard you as a trusted source in the community.

Have an opinion but make sure you can back it up
To become a key influencer, you will eventually have to share opinions and thoughts on relevant subjects. This is an issue that some people are concerned about but if you can justify your opinions, you will likely find people agree with you.

Don’t be controversial for the sake of it but if you can justify a stance that not everyone will agree with, be resolute. If you show your working with respect to your opinion and refuse to be swayed, you will be recognised as an estate agent with substance who is worth following.

Being a key influencer will boost your business and becoming one may take less work than you would expect. If you need help developing your audience or sharing your thoughts on social media, contact Agent Media and we will be happy to help you.

Written by
Ian Watson
Agent Media