What Benefits Can You Gain From Social Media?


While most businesses and people are aware of the rising popularity of social media, businesses need to be pragmatic about using it or devoting time, energy and money to utilising it. Yes, social media appears to be a platform for engaging with an audience but does it represent a step forward or something different from the existing marketing channels?

The reality is that yes, social media is proving itself to be an important marketing channel for companies in the modern era. When it comes to justifying a switch in marketing, a firm needs to focus on the features and benefits that come from choosing a new tactic and there are many benefits that can be earned through the use of social media.

Some of the most prominent features and benefits of social are as follows:

• You can create relationships with firms, organisations and consumers that you wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to
• There is no cost involved with setting up a social media platform
• You have the chance to message individuals, organisations and businesses directly
• You have the ability to engage and communicate in real time
• You have the chance to present your firms opinion and identity at all times
• You can make recommendations about products, services or other firms
• You can target who you reach out to
• You can reuse other people’s content by sharing or tweeting
• You can show your business off in a number of different ways
• You will have a web presence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• You have the opportunity to promote your own products or services to interested clients
• You can provide news and information in real time to interested clients
• You can promote your company site or blog
• You can showcase your employees and the nature of individual offices or departments
• You can keep up to date with industry news
• You can subscribe or follow relevant parties so you never miss any news
• You can keep up to date with your industry peers and rivals
• You can develop an online community around your products or services
• You can ask questions to gain valuable feedback about what you offer
• You can provide competitions to get people excited about what you have to offer
• You can create a collection of various social media platforms
• You can utilise social media marketing if you have a budget
• You can provide content that others can share or subscribe to
• You can drive traffic to your website or other pages

Social media, when used well offers so many opportunities for firms to engage and interact with an audience; it makes sense for virtually every firm operating in the market. For firms in specific industries, such as the estate agent industry, there is an opportunity to implement social marketing within your sphere of working and with what your audience would expect from you.
Social media is not some modern fad that will disappear.

Companies need to realise that there is an opportunity for them to engage and interact with an audience in a way that will create a real relationship.

While some firms may contemplate whether they can afford to set up social media sites, the more relevant question would if you can afford not to?

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Written By

Ian Watson


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