Benefits of Social Media & Content for your Estate Agency

With the estate and letting agency sectors being highly competitive, your agency needs assistance in standing out from the crowd. If you want to be the agent that your local community turns to, having a strong social media presence and delivering fantastic content is essential.

5 crucial benefits of social media for an estate and letting agency are:
• A social media presence indicates you are a local agency serving people within your community
• Social media will drive visitors back to your website helping to create more enquiries for your agency
• A social media presence is vital in letting people know about your brand and what you offer
• Social media content is frequently shared, and a good presence here helps you grow your audience
• Social media provides an effective return on investment, allowing your business to flourish

Your estate and letting agency needs to benefit from the features provided by smart use of social media. You want to be a company with a strong local presence and you want to make sure that you are available when people need you, which means that developing a brand people recognise is crucial.

With social media content providing the ultimate in “word of mouth” promotion, you want to have content that is relevant to your audience, which informs people, and which helps you to be the ideal option for all estate and/or letting services in your area. Also, the ROI with focused social media content is strong, making this a business decision that can be relied upon.

5 key benefits of content for an estate & letting agency are:
• Great content positions you as the expert estate agency in your local area
• High-quality content boosts your SEO ranking, allowing you to be found on search engines
• Tailored content improves your social media profile, ensuring you can engage your audience
• Up to date content ensures your audience sees you as the local agency who is relevant and understands the current market
• Content that displays the work of our team helps with staff development and retention

These benefits are all hugely important for your estate and letting agency. You need to be recognised as a company that understands the local area, and you need to connect with people in this area. Your agency needs to be found on search engines and you need to be the relevant option in an ever-changing sector. You also cannot overlook the importance of your staff in providing the best service to your audience.

These are all hugely prominent features and the correct use of content helps you enjoy the benefits associated with these outcomes.

If you want to benefit from social media and great content but don’t know where to begin, why not outsource your social media and content work to Agent Media? Our process is a simple one.

We find out about you, your local area, and the audience you service. We then create unique and relevant content for you, we can write about house prices, rental yields, anything property related, we will then upload articles to your website and then distribute the content on your social media channels. This helps you reach your audience with a minimum of fuss and effort, allowing you to focus on your core strengths and satisfying your clients.


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