Big Mistakes Estate Agents Should Avoid On Social Media Marketing


Estate agents have discovered that social media marketing is a tremendous way to promote their business and to engage with clients but you shouldn’t naturally assume that you will achieve success with social media marketing. Many estate agents have made major mistakes with respect to social media marketing, but thankfully you are in a position where you can learn from these mistakes and not repeat them.
Mistake number 1 – Not having a social media campaign
If you think that the traditional forms of marketing are more than enough for your business, you could be neglecting a lot of business and potential interest in your business. Social media is a massive element in the lives of many people, and it is growing all the time. There has even been a considerable uptake in social media for the 60 and over market, so no matter what demographics you are focusing on, social media provides a way to reach out to the people you want to meet.
Mistake number 2 – Not combining your online and offline activities
You need to make sure that you provide an integrated service to your clients and this means ensuring that your social media pages are included in any traditional print media activities you undertake.
Mistake number 3 – Ignoring the main social media sites
There is a huge range of social media sites to choose from, but they are not all of the same level. You may think that avoiding the main social media sites and focusing on the lesser platforms may provide you with a smaller level of competition but if you don’t use Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, you will immediately minimise the number of people you will be able to reach out to.
Mistake number 4 – Not filling your profile completely
Your profile on your social media site is where people get their first impression of you and find out what you have to offer. You need to provide as much information as you can including contact details, where customers can find you and important information about what you have to offer.
Mistake number 5 – Not engaging your audience
One of the most important features of social media is having the chance to engage with your audience. You cannot set up your social media platform and then leave it, nor can you only communicate out to people. You need to listen to your clients and customers, providing them with responses and engaging with them as best you can. Failing to do this will seriously impact on the likelihood of you achieving success with social media marketing.
Mistake number 6 – Not having a blog
To capitalise on the benefits offered by social media, you need to have a blog in place. This provides you with an opportunity to expands on your qualities or provide more information to your clients. Providing a blog alongside your social media platforms will ensure that you reach out to users in the most effective manner.

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Written By

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