How To Promote Virtual Viewings On Social Media?

Virtual viewings are an essential component of selling a home these days, and all estate agents should offer this service. If you are yet to be convinced regarding the merits of virtual viewings, you might find a study conducted in late summer 2021 to be revealing. The nature of property viewings has evolved A recent […]

7 Brilliant 2021 Blog Ideas For Estate Agents

Blogging is far from dead, but it is easy to see why some people believe its best days are behind it. Video content is thriving, and it fits in perfectly with how people use the internet. However, there is still demand for great blog content, the issue is, many people don’t deliver exciting or relevant […]

Tips On Shooting Outdoor Video On Your Smartphone

As an estate agent, you know how vital it is that you move with the times. Some things never lose importance, such as great customer service or offering value for money, but other things do. If you don’t update your business services, and provide a contemporary service that pleases modern customers, you will find that […]

The Importance Of Reviews And Recommendations For Your Estate Agency

While the same could be argued for all businesses, there is no denying the importance of reviews and recommendations for your estate agency. You want to deliver a great service for your current client because this is what you offer, but equally, you want to please your current client so they leave a testimonial or […]

HomeOnFilm Is Creating Sales In Today’s Housing Market

Video viewings have never been more important in the housing market. There are studies which indicate prospective buyers are carrying out more research before they attend a home for the first time, and agents who are utilising video listings and viewings are reaping the rewards. If you are an estate agent keen to meet the […]