Avoid Fake News – Be Honest On Social Media

The term “fake news” is now commonplace and given the nature of the internet and social media, it is often difficult to know what or who to believe. When you look at some estate agents making outlandish claims, and developing a following on the back of these claims, it is easy to see why many […]

Go Live On Social Media To Connect Strongly

If you are looking to connect with your audience, social media is a fantastic option. Social media is free, it is immediate, and it allows a conversation to take place. These are all important aspects when it comes to engaging and connecting with your audience. In recent times, there has been another way for companies […]

Can Facebook Groups Help Grow Your Business?

Even if you don’t follow social media marketing news, it is likely that you will have noticed that Facebook is not as effective as it used to be for helping you gain new followers. Many estate agents used to find that a Facebook Page for their business engaged their audience, established themselves as part of […]

Focus On Value, Not Apps Or Gimmicks

When it comes to promoting your estate agency, you will find that there are many barriers to reaching and engaging your audience. It is only natural that estate agents will want to cut corners or find shortcuts in connecting with prospective clients, but these short-term fixes will often cause more problems in the long-term. There […]

Corporate Brand v Personal Brand

Branding is vital for estate agents, but what brand is more important. Is it more important for a company to have a striding and confident corporate brand that people instantly recognise or is a personal and more identifiable brand better for winning clients? There are arguments to support both brand personas and at Agent Media, […]