Estate Agents Need To Be Seen – Here’s How

It is not enough to have an online presence, you need to engage in conversation, and make sure people see you. As an estate agent, your personality will infuse your business, and how you engage with clients. This is a positive thing, as you should always have an element of personality in your business. However, […]

Don’t Buy Facebook Followers – Grow your Audience This Way

If you follow the assumption that “bigger is better”, be cautious with you how approach Facebook. It is all too easy to look at the number of followers a Facebook page has, and assume they are doing something right. This isn’t always the case, and there are some estate agents who buy followers. First impressions […]

Estate Agents Guide to Lead Generation and Marketing

In today’s competitive property world, having a website is a vital part of estate agent marketing and one of the top ways to attract clients. Unfortunately, building a website isn’t enough. Even if you create a quality site that attracts thousands of visitors per month, you’ve only won half the battle. Converting these visitors into […]