Estate Agents are you using Facebook pixels?

Talk about how to add Facebook pixels to every page an estate agent has on their website and then using pixels to do Facebook advertising for estate agents (retargeting: website visitors to Facebook, and marketing to those website visitors)   When it comes to marketing in the most effective way, Facebook Advertising is an option that many estate agents should…

Facebook is watching so use it

There are many reasons why you should use Facebook for your business, but one of the strongest reasons is the amount of data that Facebook collects from its users. Being able to tap into the data that Facebook holds on its users can give you an advantage, ensuring that you reach out to the people that you want to reach…

50 Awesome ways to use Social Media if you are an Estate Agent

50 awesome ways to use social media if you are an estate agent ebook

2018 Holiday Marketing Guide

If you want to make the most out of social media, it makes sense to plan ahead. If you can create content in advance, you will always have something to share. This is why many social media professionals are making note of the key holidays and leading dates.   At Agent Media, we like to plan ahead, and we are…

Williams of Petersfield’s January 2017 Property Report

Download Williams of Petersfield’s January Property Report 2018 Download