What Benefits Can You Gain From Social Media?

While most businesses and people are aware of the rising popularity of social media, businesses need to be pragmatic about using it or devoting time, energy and money to utilising it. Yes, social media appears to be a platform for engaging with an audience but does it represent a step forward or something different from […]

Content Ideas Estate Agents Can Use On Social Media

You know that you need to provide regular content on social media to engage and interact with your audience. The only problem is that you also want to produce high quality content that will be enjoyed and shared by people. Estate agents that focus only on the quantity as opposed to the quality of their […]

Setting Up a Facebook Page for Estate Agents

While most estate agents know that setting up a Facebook page will be of benefit, it is a task that leaves many estate agents with a touch of fear or dread. While Facebook welcomes a phenomenal number of people every single day, companies need to create a viable and high-quality page to make sure that […]

25 Tips an Estate Agent Should Use On Facebook

Having a Facebook page is crucial for all companies and this includes estate agents. It is important to set your Facebook page up properly to ensure you receive the best return for your time and effort. A well-constructed estate agent page on Facebook has the opportunity to generate a great deal of interest for a […]

How A Lettings Agent Should Use Social Media

Every business can benefit from utilising social media but some firms may wonder how it is relevant to their business. A lettings agent may not think that too many people are looking for a property on Facebook or Twitter, but you would be surprised at how quickly the right post on these social media platforms […]