Branded Video Content Creates New Instructions

Hopefully you have started using video content on social media, as it is a hugely effective way for estate agents to promote themselves and give people useful information. Video content should be an integral part of your property listing strategy, but moving forward, you should look to use video as much as you can.

Video is highly effective for positioning yourself in an area, or for a certain style of service. People want to know you, and the agents behind your team, and video content is a brilliant way of showing the personal side of your business.

Of course, on social media, when content ventures from your page, shared by your followers, you can lose control of your content. This is why you need to create branded video content. No matter how many times your content is shared, if it is branded, you will retain the chance to connect with new followers.

If you work through the following steps, you will see how branded video content creates new instructions, and helps you achieve your goals.

Social media platforms like video
If you want to make the most of social media sites like Facebook, you need to give them what they want. The Facebook algorithm, while a highly guarded secret, is expected to favour video content. If you can offer live video content, this is believed to be the most heavily supported content format on site, but standard video content is useful too.

Users like video
The fact that users like video goes hand in hand with social media platforms liking and ensuring this style of content is seen. It might even be a “chicken and the egg” type scenario, but you don’t need to worry about what is driving the algorithm or user behaviour, all you need to know is that people like watching video content when they use social media.

Video is easy to share
You will also find that video content is shareable, and this is something all estate agents should look to capitalise on. Your video content should be aimed at your audience, but if it connects with people, it is far more likely they will want to share the content with their friends, family members and colleagues.
Video content can be shared with a click or two, so if you create good content in this format, you should find your content reaches more people than your initial audience.

Branded video content ensures your name goes with the video
Of course, if your content is reaching new people, you need to make sure that people know you are behind the con tent. This is why you need to create branded video content. When your audience shares video content that has your name, logo and identity, all the new people looking at the content will see who you are, and what you have to offer.

If you are an estate agent looking to win instructions and gain new clients, you need to position yourself as the number one choice in your local area. At Agent Media, we are social media and content specialists, and we are pleased to say we have assisted estate agents and agencies connect with their audience, develop their reputation and gain instructions.

If you want to learn how branded video content helps you win instructions and ultimately, sell homes in a challenging time, contact us today.