Build Your Brand And Persona Through Social Media & Content Marketing

Having a strong and recognisable brand and persona is important for all businesses but if you are an estate agent, it is essential. Given the importance of property moves and the sums of money involved, vendors and buyers want to find the best professional for their needs.

This means savvy clients will research options in their local area, they will consider reviews and testimonials but they will also place importance on the brand and persona because this will likely impact on how they engage with you.

Property deals are stressful so people want to find agents they can trust, who can be relied on in difficult moments but who will also have empathy for them. There are a lot of demands placed on estate agents and you need to make sure that your brand and persona comes across in everything you because these are the things that matter in a crowded marketplace.

When a client has many options, they’ll choose the brand they remember, the name they associate with successful sales, the agent they believe they can trust. If your name and brand create positive images in a client, they are likely to hire you. If your name and brand creates negative images or doesn’t register with the client, they likely won’t hire you.

Therefore, you need to build your brand and persona, and the best way to do this is through social media and content marketing.

Do you know your brand and persona?
Before you try to express your brand and persona, make sure you know what it is. Do you know how you are perceived or do you have a clear idea on how you want to be perceived? Take the time to review your strengths, analyse what previous clients have said about you and your services and then be clear on how you want to put yourself across to clients.

Be yourself
While your brand and persona may be exaggerations of who you are, it should be similar. As social media is a continual activity and content marketing can take time, you need to be yourself. When you are genuine, it is easier to develop your brand because your natural posts and reactions will enforce what you are.

If you are funny and like to be relaxed, make sure this is your focus. If you are formal and serious, this should be reflected in your content. When your brand is linked to what you are, being yourself helps you get the best results.

Be sure to listen, engage and have conversations
Social media and content marketing are about engagement. Take the time to listen to your clients, find out what they want or expect from you and then answer them. Developing a brand that people associate with a listening and helpful firm will ensure you connect with people.

Have a plan but don’t be afraid to be spontaneous
While you should have a brand that allows you to plan your content and creates a guideline of engaging your audience, you can be spontaneous too. You often find that your true sense or merit comes across the most in unguarded moments, so relax and have fun on social media, but be sure to balance this with your main message.

Developing a brand and persona is crucial for estate agents. If you need assistance in this area, contact Agent Media and we will be delighted to help.