Buyers Want To See Video Content Of Homes For Sale – Reach Them On Social Media

As an estate agent, it is often your role to promote homes on behalf of vendors. Your role is to ensure that these homes are found and seen by prospective buyers. Therefore, while you represent the vendor, there is a lot to be said for focusing on the needs and merits of the buyer, and you should give the buyer what they want to see.

In 2019, it is fair to say the majority of online users, not just prospective home buyers, want to see video content. The rise in the use of smartphones and improvements in internet connectivity has made video content absolutely essential for all businesses.

However, when you are promoting a home, the benefits of video content should be obvious. Great quality images help to promote a property listing over other listings that don’t deliver images, and it stands to reason that great quality video content makes a listing more relevant to prospective buyers.

Videos help buyers to see what a home has to offer
Images give you the chance to picture a home and form ideas of what is on offer, but it falls short in helping a prospective buyer truly picture the home. Savvy buyers know that pictures can be staged to showcase a home in the best way or to minimise poor features of a home. However, video content is more genuine as moving content creates a more honest appraisal of what a home has to offer.

Therefore, if you are promoting a property that will appeal to buyers, it is imperative that you showcase the strengths and merits of the home as best you can. Video content showing a walk through a home will engage prospective buyers and provide more insight into the home than images alone.

If you are being creative, you can create various videos showcasing rooms, common walkthroughs through and around the home and you can even offer videos of local streets and the local area. In a highly competitive market, estate agents should take every advantage that is available to them and with video content, you will promote homes in a more effective manner, appealing to buyers.

Social media thrives on great video content
You will also find that video content helps you reach more people on social media. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter thrive on video content and video content is more likely to be shared. When it comes to homes, people love looking around the homes of other people, so if you create video content of a home you are promoting, it is more likely to be shared than images or written content.

This will help to place your company and the home in front of more people, which will hopefully increase your chances of finding a likely buyer.

With video content being hugely important these days, if you offer video content as standard, you will be regarded as an innovative and forward-thinking estate agent. This will further enhance your reputation, helping you to win further instructions as vendors will be confident in your ability to reach buyers and sell a home.

If you want to reach buyers with video content, contact Agent Media and we will help you present and promote your property in the best manner.