Can Facebook Groups Help Grow Your Business?

Even if you don’t follow social media marketing news, it is likely that you will have noticed that Facebook is not as effective as it used to be for helping you gain new followers. Many estate agents used to find that a Facebook Page for their business engaged their audience, established themselves as part of their local community and played a key role in growing their business. In 2018, it is not as easy to achieve these goals in an organic manner and it is all down to Facebook altering their algorithms.

There are many reasons why Facebook have altered their algorithms, some of which are based around providing users with a more enjoyable and social experience but equally, some of the changes have been made to monetise the platform. Facebook would much prefer if you paid to gain new followers as opposed to gaining them for free through great marketing activities and strong posts. It is still possible to develop your audience and grow your business organically on Facebook, but it is a slower process and you need to have more patience.

Facebook is still a relevant platform for estate agents
There are still steps you can take to maximise awareness and engagement on social media sites like Facebook. Live video content is becoming popular, but you’ll also find that Facebook is encouraging groups where likeminded people have access to engage with each other. You should consider using a Facebook group for your clients and customers as this will make it more likely that your audience will see your posts.

It is important that you don’t use these groups as a straightforward way to advertise, it should be a group where you inform, engage, interest and even entertain your audience. However, this should be the backbone of your activities on social media because this isn’t a platform for heavy-handed promotion, it is a platform for conversation.

Facebook groups encourage engagement
In a Facebook group, you can ask people what they want to hear from you or you can answer questions that people have about the industry or the local area. This style of conversation is helpful for you and your audience, so everyone can benefit from being part of the group.

Some of the key reasons why Facebook groups are of benefit to your estate agents business include:
• You can create distinct groups based on customer profiles or avatars (or locations)
• Facebook groups give you the chance to listen and engage in conversation, not just post at your audience
• Facebook group content is more visible to members than standard Facebook Page posts
• Facebook groups can be used alongside promotions or exclusive offers, offering greater value to your audience
• As the controller of the group, you can set discussion points and keep conversations on topic
• It doesn’t cost anything to set up and run a Facebook group

If you feel that Facebook is no longer as effective for your business as it used to be, but you don’t want to give up on the platform just yet, come and speak with Agent Media. We are social media specialists and we have helped many estate agents use Facebook Groups to engage their audience and grow their business.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK