People Love Statistics – But Only When Handed To Them

People love statistics, and 87% of people know this! However, it is easy to see why a lot of people find statistics boring, even when they are relevant to their life or next buying decision. This is why you need to be savvy in how you present statistics. If you can find relevant statistics, and […]

Estate Agent Newsletters: Still Valid In The Modern World

With so much focus on social media, online activities and digital marketing, it is easy to assume traditional marketing methods are outdated and no longer of value or benefit. A lot of companies, across many industries, have moved “all-in” with digital promotion, but if you are an estate agent, you know there are benefits of […]

Agent Media: 50 Marketing Ideas for your Estate and Letting Agency

We know that many estate agents require assistance in reaching out to their audience or engaging with clients, and therefore, we are happy to present 50 marketing ideas for estate agents. From all of us here at Agent Media we hope these ideas help your Estate and Letting Agency flourish. 50 Marketing ideas for your […]

The advantages of social media to Estate Agents

While most people are aware of social media, and even its use as a business tool it is vital that you know why you are using social media, as opposed to just using it because everyone else is using it. There are many key reasons why estate agents should have social media accounts, and in […]

Win More Instructions with Facebook Advertising

Getting instructions is becoming tough and as the market tightens these opportunities become few and far between. So, how can you look to resolve this? Facebook advertising! If you currently have a Facebook page and not using the advertising opportunities available, you are missing out. That may sound a little harsh and direct but we […]