People Move Home In Spring – Reach Them Now

Traditionally, the busiest time of year in the property market is spring. Even though the market has evolved considerably in recent times, this is still the case, and it will likely always be the case. Even though the New Year begins in January, many people view spring as the time for change. There is a […]

Are You Selling Homes With More Video Content? Do Your Blog Readers Know?

We all know the way estate agents sell homes and connect with clients has changed a lot in the last couple of years. The pandemic, and various lockdowns, have forced estate agents to be creative, making sure they present homes in an effective manner while making sure they provide as much information to likely buyers. […]

Influencer Marketing – Right For Estate Agents?

Estate agents should look for every angle or avenue to achieve success, and this includes marketing. In recent times, there has been a lot of talk about the impact of influencer marketing. It is only natural if you have considered if influencer marketing is right for you as an estate agent. What is influencer marketing? […]

Quick Social Media Post Tips For Busy Estate Agents

If you’re an estate agent, and you don’t feel as though you are working every hour of the day, are you even doing your job? There is no getting away from the fact that many estate agents wear long work-days as a badge of honour, and think nothing of clocking up lengthy sessions on the […]

How To Promote Virtual Viewings On Social Media?

Virtual viewings are an essential component of selling a home these days, and all estate agents should offer this service. If you are yet to be convinced regarding the merits of virtual viewings, you might find a study conducted in late summer 2021 to be revealing. The nature of property viewings has evolved A recent […]