Social Media Content – Committing To The Process

You look away from your phone, stare at the clock and do a double take. Even though it seems as though you were on your phone for just five minutes, more than an hour has passed, and it feels as though you have taken nothing in. You are not alone. According to a TechJury survey […]

Your Business Goals Must Dictate Your Social Strategy

One problem that many estate agents have is there is no connection in the various parts of your business. It is easy to see your social media strategy, and even your marketing activities, as a very separate part of your business compared to how you deal with clients or take care of regulatory matters. However, […]

Show, Don’t Tell, With Social Media

The vast majority of us love a good story. We like to feel as though we are in the middle of exciting times, and a great story, even if its not our own, makes us feel as though we are part of something. Story’s have been used to teach, to create empathy, and of course, […]

Loyalty Is Everything – Create It On Social Platforms

With so many estate agents competing for clients, you might spend hours at night worrying about how you are going to come out on top. You know your services are great, and you know the market very well. You might even have a track record of success in your sector or local area. The problem […]

Explain Your Mortgage Offers Quickly & Effectively With Social Posts

Some industries and businesses feel right at home on social, and some don’t. If you have an exciting product, and it can be used in a bright and breezy manner, social media posts almost write themselves. This isn’t quite the case in the mortgage sector. Mortgages are important, and people should review and research their […]