Challenging market conditions? Social Media is more important than ever

Estate agents don’t need to be told that the current UK property market is a challenging one. Every professional in the business will have their own facts and figures, not to mention their own anecdotal evidence, which reminds them that this is a tough time for people who operate in the property market. There is a need for professionals to work harder and smarter, and social media is more important than ever in overcoming challenging market conditions.

With respect to reaching out to people, your audience is on social media, so it makes sense to use these platforms. Whether you are looking to connect with homeowners who are looking to sell property and need an agent to assist them or you want to attract prospective buyers, the people you are looking for are on social media.

Social media helps you reach your audience
With targeted adverts, hashtags and an ability to create localised content, social media is a relevant platform to reach your audience. It is important that you know the people you want to reach and the sort of content that these people are looking for. At Agent Media, we have helped many estate agents deliver the content that their audience wants to read and learn from, so if you need assistance in this manner, we can help.

There is also the fact that the property market is a highly competitive industry these days. It is unlikely that you are the only agent looking to gain instructions, so you need to make sure people trust your brand and choose you over rival agents.

To gain instructions, you want to be the brand that people recognise and social media provides the perfect opportunity to develop your brand and make people aware of what you offer. You can showcase your local knowledge, you can share how friendly your staff are and you have a chance to provide proof of your ability to sell homes.

You must offer social proof of what you do
Social proof is essential. It is natural that many people are wary of what firms tell them and this means companies need to offer reviews and testimonials from clients. Comments from previous clients go a long way in convincing new clients that you can be relied upon and if you engage your audience on Facebook or Twitter, you have a chance to gather reviews and comments that can be shared with your audience.

Another strong reason estate agents must use social media is that this is a platform that is ideal for visual content. Images and videos of homes have much more impact than written content so if you’re looking to grab attention quickly, video content and staged images of property is the ideal way to do so.

At Agent Media, we understand the importance of social media to estate agents and we believe social media content helps a firm to stand apart from its peers and gain instructions.

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Written By
Ian Watson
Agent Media UK