Competition Ideas For Estate And Letting Agents

People love competitions. The anticipation that comes from knowing you might win a prize is a great way to generate interest in your agency, and create awareness in what you do.

If you are an estate or letting agent, you operate in an extremely challenging industry. You need to work hard, and smart, to be the agent people trust, recommend and choose.

Your skills and expertise in selling or letting homes will always be the most crucial component of how your business fares. However, using competitions can help you reach more people and drive traffic to your business.

Before we start sharing competition ideas for estate and letting agents, it is best to clarify some matters.

Set goals for your competition

When you have a target in mind, you can better determine whether the competition was a success or not. Relevant goals you might wish to consider include:

  • Increasing your social media followers by 10% by the end of the competition
  • Generating 25 (or 500 or 10,000 depending on how big the competition is) new email subscribers by the end of the competition
  • Increasing footfall into your office by 20% by the end of the competition
  • Generating 5 new leads by the end of the competition

When you have a specific goal, with a deadline, you have something to aim towards, and something to measure yourself against.

What the prize is and how you select the winner

The prize must be good enough to get people interested, but it shouldn’t be so expensive it places your business in jeopardy. Ideally, it would be good to offer a prize that ties in with your business, but there are other options to consider.

Aside from offering high-end services as a prize, you could offer:

  • Limited edition items
  • Gift cards or vouchers
  • A free meal at a local restaurant
  • Electronic goods
  • Sporting goods

Think about what your audience is interested in, and what is likely to generate the most interest in your competition.

Also, you should know how the winner will be selected. If the winner is the person with the most likes or votes, say so, and also state rules on deciding who the winner is if there is a tie. If you are going to decide who the winner is, state this, and give some guidance on how the winner will be chosen.

You want the process to be as transparent as possible, because if it is not, people will likely find cause for complaint.

How will you promote the competition?

You want to reach as many people as possible, so knowing how you will promote your competition is crucial. You should promote it online and offline. You should consider social media advertising, and traditional advertising. You might be able to partner with local firms or relevant companies to reach their audience. You should email your list, and encourage them to get other people involved too.

The more you promote the competition, the more people will likely get involved, and the better this will be for you.

Competition ideas

Okay, that’s enough of the ground rules around the competition, let’s focus on competition ideas for estate and letting agents.

Run a photo caption content

People like humour, and they like showing off their sense of humour. A photo caption content is a perfect way to engage your audience, because people like to show off.

Bear in mind you might need to set some guidelines about taste and decency to ensure the material is suitable for your company.

Ask people to create a short video clip of them and their local areas

As an estate or letting agent, you need to be at the heart of the community. You want to have a local presence that people instantly recognise you, but you also want to be the agent people connect with your local area.

Running a competition based on user generated content of your area, which you can later use in promotional activities, is a great way to engage your audience.

Ask people to share a place they love or a reason they like living in your area. This content will be shared by many people, it will connect with others, and it will place you at the heart of your local community. This is where your business needs to be, and this style of competition will achieve this goal.

Run a selfie competition in your local area

You don’t need to get people to create video clips of your local area, a selfie with a local monument or key feature will do just fine!

If you have adverts, billboards or even for sale/for let signs around your local area, you could ask people to take a selfie beside your material. You might want to discourage people from taking selfies on other people property, but as long as no harm is done, this is a brilliant way to engage your audience while showcasing your coverage of the local area.

Ask people to write a catchy slogan for your area

This is similar to the video content, but it opens it up to people who are camera shy! User generated content is brilliant for businesses, and by tapping into the reasons people love your local area, you will have countless promotional ideas, as well as making sure you are the agent people associate with your local area.

A sweepstake

No one says competition ideas have to be elaborate. A simple competition where people enter by signing up for your email list, or following your page or engaging your business in a measurable way is all you need for a competition.

Pick a winner at random (and there are websites which help you achieve this) and you have a competition that is ready to roll!

Ask people for tips

Another great way to benefit from user generated content is to ask people for tips. You should ask for tips on the house moving process, on applying for a mortgage, on letting, on the local area, and anything else which you feel is relevant to your audience.

These tips will help your audience, which is always a good outcome, and this means people will trust you more. Also, if you get some useful tips, you can repurpose them later in your promotional activities.

Let users share how they use your products with a contest geared toward participants sharing their best tips. This is a fun and easy way for your audience to learn hacks and tips about using your products — and creates a dialogue on social media. Ask participants to share their best tip for using your products, then choose the top liked tip or a random winner.

A Q&A Content

You should use social media to engage and interact with people, so why not consider a Q&A content. There are many ways you can run this style of competition. The first right answer can win a prize, the funniest answer can win a prize or the answer which receives most user engagements can win a prize.

If you have the time to run a Q&A over a number of ideas, you can award a prize to the person who answers most questions right.

A Fill In The Blank Content

This is a very simple quiz to set up. Write a sentence, and leave the last word blank, and request people complete the sentence. Again, be mindful of keeping the competition tasteful, but it can still be a fun competition.

You can choose a winner, or you can award a prize to the post with most engagement.

Run offline competitions

Online competitions are a great idea for estate agents, especially in times of limited movement, but ideally, you want people to come to your office or place of work. To achieve this, running offline competitions is also a great idea, and we have some examples you can follow.

Set off balloons with your contact details

A great way to get publicity and create awareness of your brand in the local area is to set off balloons which have your contact details attached to them. You can provide a prize for people who return the balloon to you. This is a great way to connect with a local audience, and to drum up some quick and free publicity.

Organise a guess/count the number of things in a jar

This is a competition which can run online and offline at the same time, but placing the jar on a desk at reception is a great way to drive people to your business premises.

Organise a scavenger event in your local area

We’ve already spoken about asking people to take selfies around your area as part of a competition, and this competition idea is similar.

By setting up a scavenger hunt, you can ask people to take specific photographs of themselves in certain areas, or you could hide items that you ask people to bring to you. Anything which gets people moving around your local area, with you in mind, is going to be a fantastic way to get people excited.

Run seasonal competitions

There is an abundance of seasonal competitions you can run, which means no matter the time of year, you have a competition which allows you to connect with your audience.

Easter egg hunts, Halloween fancy dress events, Advent countdown competitions are the main holidays, but there is no limit to what you can organise and encourage people to enter.

Hopefully, this list of competition ideas will help you connect with local people, and create awareness of your agency. Estate and letting agents need to develop a local presence, and a great competition is a quick, simple, affordable and easy way to connect with your local audience.

If you are an estate agent looking to win instructions and gain new clients, you need to connect with your audience. At Agent Media, we are social media and content specialists, and we are pleased to say we have assisted estate agents and agencies connect with their audience, develop their reputation and gain instructions.

If you want to learn how the right competitions you win instructions and ultimately, sell homes in a challenging time, contact us today.